Cheap Flights How to Cut Your Airfare in HALF-EVERY TIME!

How to Cut Your Airfare in Half when you Travel

We all know flying can add up very quickly! But it does not have to! If you want to get cheap flights; you want to get on a domestic flight, you should do it this way!! I personally LOVE to travel and want to share my number one secret!

So almost every state has multiple public airports… did you know that?! That’s right! Are they all in the major cities no… BUT for a few hundred dollars cheaper, hear me out! I live in Phoenix, so if I wanted to fly to Denver, a direct flight would easily put me back $300-450. Well, 20 minutes from Phoenix is a city called Mesa, and they have their own airport that flies just outside of Denver to a city called Colorado Springs, and GUESS how much that flight is?!

My family lives in Colorado Springs, so I have done this route a few times; that flight will only cost me $29-79. That is crazy, right?! WHY on earth would I pay $350? Take that extra money you save and rent a car, drive 30-60 minutes, enjoy your travels, see the country affordably, and make a full (yet cheap) adventure out of it! Do you want a list of other airports outside of major cities? -Keep reading!

Albany, NY (avoid all the congestion of JFK airport in NYC!), Allentown PA, Austin TX, Bentonville AR, Bismark ND, Charleston SC, Chattanooga TN, Daytona Beach FL, Fresno CA, Norfolk VA, Oakland CA, Wichita KS! If you don’t see your city or a city close to your future travel destinations, don’t let this list stop you from looking! There are dozens of airports that you could add to that list! This is my go-to trick every time when it comes to flying!