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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner $30 (WAS $130)

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner $30 (WAS $130)

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Clearance!

Black and Decker cordless Vacuum Cleaner is on sale at Walmart for $30 (WAS $130). This is an awesome deal for a cordless vacuum cleaner. If you are in the market for one, this is a must buy deal. This is a 3 in one style. Pull off the top for a mini hand held vacuum. Pull off the bottom for a stick vacuum to reach high places. Or simply attach the bottom piece to clean floors. This vacuum works on both hardwood and carpet floors. Plus plug into the wall to recharge the battery and you are good to go!

This is a Your mile may vary deal and may not be at every store, Click the link below to search your local area with sku: 897182127. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!





Walmart In Store Clearance Disclosure: Clearance in store is YMMV meaning what is on clearance at one store may not be at another. Clearance items and prices vary widely by region and even city to city. Check your stores often and if it is not marked, scan at the self service scanner or on your Walmart App.

The Cordless Vacuum Cleaner by Black and Decker does not come with bags. Instead simply empty the canister when full. However this does come with filters that will need to be replaced every so often. For $30 this is an amazing vacuum to have on hand, especially if you have both hardwood and tile floors. This also makes great house warming gifts or gifts for college students.