Frigidaire Freestanding Mini Fridge and Freezer Unmarked Clearance at Lowes!!!!

Cool and Compact: Discover the Frigidaire Freestanding Mini Fridge!

Are you tired of constantly rummaging through your crowded kitchen for that cold beverage or quick snack? Look no further! The Frigidaire Freestanding Mini Fridge is here to revolutionize your kitchen space. This compact wonder is perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms, offices, or even as an extra storage solution in your home. Get ready to say hello to convenience and bid farewell to kitchen clutter!

Say Goodbye to Kitchen Clutter with the Frigidaire Freestanding Freezer!

Is your freezer bursting at the seams, leaving you with barely enough space for your frozen goodies? It’s time to reclaim your freezer space with the Frigidaire Freestanding Freezer! This sleek and stylish appliance offers ample storage for all your frozen necessities while taking up minimal floor space. Say goodbye to frustrating and disorganized freezers, and hello to a clutter-free kitchen!

Keep it Fresh and Fun: The Frigidaire Freestanding Mini Fridge and Freezer Combo!

Why settle for only a mini fridge or a freezer when you can have both in one stylish package? The Frigidaire Freestanding Mini Fridge and Freezer Combo offers the best of both worlds, keeping your snacks cool and your frozen goods frosty. With adjustable temperature control, you can customize each compartment to suit your needs. The mini fridge section is perfect for storing drinks, fruits, and snacks, while the freezer section ensures your ice cream and frozen meals stay fresh. Don’t compromise on space or functionality when you can have it all with this incredible combo!

With the Frigidaire Freestanding Mini Fridge and Freezer, you can kiss kitchen clutter goodbye and say hello to a well-organized and efficient space. This compact and stylish appliance will not only keep your food and beverages at the perfect temperature, but it will also add a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen or any room you choose to place it in. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Frigidaire Freestanding Mini Fridge and Freezer today and experience the joy of convenience and freshness!

Check Your Stores For This INSANE Deal!

Frigidaire is one of the most popular brands for appliances!   So, if you are looking for a Mini Fridge and Freezer combo, check out this HOT deal at Lowes!

Right now Lowes is marking down the Frigidaire Mini Fridges with Freezers!  And most stores have these as an unmarked clearance item!   Usually costing $260 they are being found in stores for only $64.97 (possibly cheaper in your area)!    And special thanks to one of the shoppers Sheila for sharing this deal with us!   So, check your stores with the product number 1000940476.   As always, YMMV with in store clearance prices and quantity! 

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