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Glitch Deals and Price Errors




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If you Love saving Money! You have come to the right place.  We love helping people save money.  We search every day to find you the best deal possible, whether it be using coupons, codes, clearance shopping or even glitch deals.


You can find glitch deals for just about anything, from everyday household items up to furniture deals.  Glitches come in all forms.  From website glitches, mis-marked items to stacking codes.   These deals are not guaranteed and can be fixed at any time, so if you want in on a glitch, you have to move fast.

Wireless Headphone FREEBIE GLITCH with Code!!!!!

Wireless Headphone FREEBIE GLITCH with Code!!!!!

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JCPenney Glitch? Levi 511 Jeans Only 8 CENTS

JCPenney Glitch? Levi 511 Jeans Only 8 CENTS

Advertisements Advertisements JCPenney Glitch If you are looking for a deal on Jeans or clothing in general, you are going to want to check out this JCPenney Glitch!  One of our Amazing members found Levi’s for 95% OFF! Advertisements Head to your local JCPenney’s and check out those clearance Racks.   One of our members found
Tide 138oz is JUST A PENNY at Home Depot!!

Tide 138oz is JUST A PENNY at Home Depot!!

Advertisements Advertisements Tide is one of the top selling brands for everything you need to do your laundry!  If you are looking to stock up on Tide, this is a run deal for sure!  Make sure to check out this HOT deal from Home Depot Below! Advertisements Look at this killer deal reader and Glitch
STARBUCKS GLITCH IS WORKING AGAIN – Unlimited Free Coffee And Drinks!    **HOT**

STARBUCKS GLITCH IS WORKING AGAIN – Unlimited Free Coffee And Drinks! **HOT**

Advertisements Advertisements Starbucks Glitch – Follow Directions Below Get Starbucks App Here Once you have 125 points to redeem open you app and select your free item Click Redeem reward . DO Not exit out of app just make a new order and click redeem  Repeat as many times as you want Walk in and
Itchin For A Glitch – Here are The Latest Glitches!

Itchin For A Glitch – Here are The Latest Glitches!

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Cricut CODE GLITCH Online! RUN!

Cricut CODE GLITCH Online! RUN!

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Massage Chair ONLY $17 with this HOT GLITCH!

Massage Chair ONLY $17 with this HOT GLITCH!

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ComfortPlus Bath Tissue, Big Rolls Walgreen’s GLITCH!

ComfortPlus Bath Tissue, Big Rolls Walgreen’s GLITCH!

Advertisements Advertisements ComfortPlus Bath Tissue Double Dip Glitch Hurry right now and head over to Walgreen’s and score this ComfortPlus Bath Tissue, Big Rolls Unscented for one of the lowest price ever and to top it off it is a DOUBLE DIP GLITCH. Yup you heard me right you can score this ComfortPlus Bath Tissue,
Cali Capelli Hair Straightener FREEBIE GLITCH with Code!

Cali Capelli Hair Straightener FREEBIE GLITCH with Code!

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ZULILY GLITCH! Charcoal & Rose Gold 2-in-1 Dryer Blowout Brush

ZULILY GLITCH! Charcoal & Rose Gold 2-in-1 Dryer Blowout Brush

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How To Search For Glitches The Easy Way

Some of you have indicated you aren’t for sure on how exactly to search. (Thanks Lisa For The List)

Here’s the basics:

Pick the store you are searching or Search here


First thing you want to look at are the clearance items
Then the sale items
Then regular priced items

In each section go to the search bar and “filter” your search
You can filter by specific clothes/items or you can leave that part pretty open.
If the filter doesn’t allow you to limit the results to certain prices -the. Type in the search bar “$0”
Begin with “$0” and work your way up
If you are looking at high end items look for “$25” and then work your way up


After you have completed that
Be particularly aware of the promo codes
Check on Retailmenot or just google search promo codes for that store
Even if expired, write them down
Sometimes they may say expired but actually are still working (thus the glitch)
Sometimes it will incidentally let u stack codes.

An example of a Victoria’s Secret glitch:
They used to let u stack 3 promo codes per order. Now it’s two. But sometimes, just sometimes : one of the codes will be for a “buy one get one” type of deal.
If you place what you’re supposed to in the cart, checkout to where it shows the discount but don’t pay. Try playing with your cart and removing the pricier item to see if the “get one free” will still hold.

Thus resulting in the glitch and lots of free or nearly free stuff.


This takes work guys
By you can easily do this from your phone on breaks and during downtime at work, school and home.

How I Find Some of My Glitches 101:

Thank you to Sarah K Smith in our Glitch Community for the post and Melissa Ryzy for the picture JOIN NOW

Be aware these are one persons thoughts and opinions on how she finds deals. Thank You Sarah

Okay so I’m new to glitching and like many of you have been trying to figure out how to find my own deals as well so I can share in the future on here. This is not perfect but may help guide some. This is specific to Walmart.

  1. Pull up Walmart website or app. Since I usually have my phone when I’m relaxing in bed or while watching tv, I use the app. Whatever you prefer

2. Go to a category, for example Electronics. Then narrow it down. For example, laptops or kindle.

3. You will then see items listed. If you search under Walmart online you will see filters such as Brand, etc and price. Select price and price range. When looking for low price glitches I usually look in $0 to $50 range. Then hit apply and you will see items. Once you find something of interest look at normal price and to me if it is a deep discount I bookmark the page and either buy or go back later. Personally I use this method least.

4. If you are back on the Walmart site you should see my local store. Select it and put in your zip code (lets select 77070 for learning purposes) and select store location you prefer (select Tomball for this). You will see search store or something like that. I don’t have page up right now to be specific but in that bar you will put category. Let’s use kindle and hit search. If lucky you may see a decent price or glitch and if not change location to stores within miles you are willing to drive. So let’s continue.Go back and hit Walmart logo and you will see the store locations again but this time on top. Let’s select 13484 Northwest Fwy 77040. In search bar let’s keep looking for the kindle so type kindle and hit search our shelves. Anything? I know there is because I was able to score a couple of these manager gave no hard time and it’s a huge glitch but another store a neighbor went to said no way so some times this works in our favor and sometime not. I was not initially looking for a Kindle just went thru categories checking for low deals. NOTE: these are in store deals

Search categories for whatever your needs. You never know what you may find and if you have PM luck well this is great method for some.

Well like I said I’m new and just passing on what I have learned. If you have tips to add we all should be sharing what we know and this is just one of many ways we can find glitches to share that aren’t flooded on social media yet. Takes time but worth it. Happy glitch hunting!

Glitch season is the magical time of year where retailers make more more mistakes than they otherwise would. For most couponers, it’s the best time of year—and it’s officially underway! 
?what is a glitch? A glitch can be almost anything—a discount in stores applying twice, a freebie online, or a gift card ringing up for free (wink wink). Glitches are random, can happen any time, and often don’t last longer than an hour or two at most.
?How do you find glitches? Most glitches are found by accident while someone is trying to complete a transaction. There are little tricks you can always try, such as rewards programs, gifts with purchase, and stacking coupons, but most are still found randomly. Also she arch under the coupon community hashtags & follow glitchers (like myself) in order to see what others have found.
?What should you do if you find a glitch or see one posted? RUN! Glitches don’t last long and even a few minutes delay can result in missing out. Order as many as you feel comfortable in case you get charged full price, which can & does happen. I recommend getting a burner card for these purposes, AKA a prepaid visa with a set amount.
?Who should you tell? If you wanna call ya mama, sister, glitch group, go for it, but don’t EVER TAG, CALL, OR HASHTAG THE STORE! Stores can AND DO check their social media. You WILL get found out if you rat out the glitch and you WILL be blocked by the majority of the coupon community.
?Glitch season can be amazing and extremely beneficial for most. Any other questions? Ask below! ?

Much of the time the term “glitch deal” is used way too liberally. This article’s purpose is to explain the difference and how to tell if you’re getting a super amazing clearance deal or a glitch deal. The definition of “glitch” is “a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment.” I think I’d be safe to say most glitch deals tend to happen online.

Here’s a rundown of the most often seen glitches:

  • Math doesn’t add up right. Say a Promo is spend $35 get something free. The items you add to your cart happen to be on sale – BUT the spend $35 is tracking using the regular price on all the items. You spend less than $35 and get the free item. This happens often with Victoria’s Secret.
  • An entire case of items is listed for the price of 1 item. This is a common error on
  • BOGO online sales — more expensive items come off as free
  • Overlapping promo codes — most stores will not allow you to get 2 free items with a purchase, you would have to meet each requirement separately.
  • A total malfunction of a website will occasionally price expensive items (think electronics) for practically nothing. A great example of this happened at in the holiday shopping season of 2013. Shoppers excitedly snapped up TV’s, computer monitors and projecters for as low as $8.

A glitch is NOT:

  • Using a manufacturer coupon on a different item than intended. That is FRAUD. End of story, don’t do it.
  • A Clearance deal. If it’s marked online or in store as clearance (even the real high percentages off like 90%) — not a glitch. Great deal, but not a glitch. Remember a store has thousands of items to go through and manually mark. Often it may be marked one price, say $3.00 but rings up for a $1.00. Not a glitch, it’s clearance.

Here’s a couple of real-life examples of glitch deals we have posted. You’ll see they all have some of the same points in common. All the examples are all dead deals so don’t waste your time trying them out, they are over. ;-)

  • BOGO Glitch

This picture above shows my order from American Eagle. They were having a buy one get one free on all clearance items. We all know with any store a BOGO sale gives you the least expensive item free. In this case, the sale was glitching and giving the most expensive item free. A key point to a glitch is a code not acting the way the store intended it to.

  • Spend Threshold Glitch:

Here’s another deal where a code was not acting how it was supposed to:

This online promo at Victoria’s Secret was spend $50, get a free beach cooler. The spend $50 threshold was taking into account the $10.50 for the panty. There was another promo code available that gave Victoria’s Secret Cardholders a free panty.

  • 2 FREEBIE Glitch

Here’s another glitch that happened at Victoria’s Secret. When you bought 2 bras, you got a Reward card (like a gift card) for your next purchase. The 2 bras you bought also qualified you to get a free body suit worth $58. It is believed their intention was for the customer to have to purchase 4 bras (2 for the body suit, two for the Reward Card.). Two bras got you both and saved you over $100 on this order!

Now, let’s switch gears and talk about clearance! Walmart typically has some amazing clearance deals! The items aren’t always marked or put in the “clearance” section. You can keep your fingers on the pulse of what’s happening it the clearance world by joining our Walmart Clearance Group on Facebook.

Reasons for Clearance:

  • End of season. Think of items like sleds, snow gear, shovels, etc in the springtime. Summer and outdoor toys at the start of fall.
  • Seasonal/Holiday items. Watch for deep clearance (up to 90% off) right after a holiday has past. Obviously, watch expiration dates on food but decorations and gifts feel free to stockpile for next year!
  • Changes in packaging. Manufacturers often change up packaging to be visually appealing and catch your eye. If the package changes, it’s very common to see the old packages marked down to move them out.
  • Damaged packaging/online order returns. I see this often at Target. Someone will buy something online, and return it to the store. It often gets a nice discounted price and stuck on the shelf.
  • Expiration dates on food. Remember you can use manufacturer coupons on clearance items! With a great markdown and high value coupon, you are treading into freebie country.

Tips for Clearance Hunting:

  • Take a picture of the UPC/barcode on your Smart Phone then head to your store’s price scanner. This saves your back and muscles from lugging things back and forth. This is handy with large items or toys. ;-)
  • Remember not everything is stuck under a big yellow sign with CLEARANCE. If you see anything seasonal, or especially an item buzzed about in our Walmart Clearance Hunters group, go scan it!

Ever wondered when an item is on final clearance or if it will go lower at walmart? Here is the Secret Sauce to how it works!

Markdown Codes @ Walmart: Thank You Tredena in our Walmart Clearance Group

* Items w/prices ending in
$_._7 is the original price
* Items w/prices ending in
$_._5 is the 1st markdown
* Items w/prices ending in
$_._1 is the final markdown

I hope this helps!

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