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Glitch deals and Price Errors, believe it or not, these happen more often than you would think.  Our goal is always to help people save money on the things they want or need.  We search every day to find you the best deal possible, whether using coupons, codes, clearance shopping, sales, or even glitch deals.  You can find glitch deals for just about anything, from everyday household items up to furniture deals.  Glitches come in all forms.  From website glitches, mis-marked items found online and in-store to stacking codes.


If you look at the definition of glitch, it is a sudden, temporary malfunction, or irregularity.  At times there are stores that may create glitch deals or price errors to move a product fast.  Yep, I said it; some glitches are actually intentional.  However, there are glitches and price errors that are not intentional.  With that said, although we like glitches when they are in our favor, keep in mind they are not always guaranteed.  Vendor-created glitches normally have a select amount of a product that can sell at extremely low prices.  For unplanned glitches, those are things the store works fast to correct.

When shopping for glitch deals and price errors, always keep in mind that there is a reason you may not receive an item; however, if you do receive the item, Yay!  Stores that have unplanned glitches still do honor a small amount of glitching items to be purchased.  If a glitch or price error is corrected, you should always receive your money back, especially for an item you will not receive.  Glitch deals are not guaranteed and can be fixed at any time, so if you want in on a glitch, you have to move fast.

JCPenney Glitch Or Clearance? Levi 511 Jeans Only 8 CENTS

JCPenney Glitch? Levi 511 Jeans Only 8 CENTS

Advertisements Advertisements JCPenney Glitch If you are looking for a deal on Jeans or clothing in general, you are going to want to check out this JCPenney Glitch!  One of our Amazing members found Levi’s for 95% OFF! Advertisements Head to your local JCPenney’s and check out those clearance Racks.   One of our members found
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Renuzit Glitch Happening at Dollar General RUN RUN RUN!

Advertisements Advertisements   Dollar General is GLITCHING on Renuzit fresheners!   If you shop Dollar General, this is one HOT deal to put on your list! Advertisements RUN to your local Dollar General stores for this amazing glitch deal!  The only thing you will want to make sure you have is the PAPER coupon that came
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JBL Live On-Ear Wireless Headphones Possible Price ERROR!

Advertisements Advertisements JBL is a great brand known for the amazing sound quality from their speakers and headphones!  If you are looking for a new pair of Wireless, over the ear headphones, check out this HOT deal available from Walmart below! Advertisements RUN after this deal!  It will make for a wonderful Holiday gift or

Game Stop Funko Pop Glitch! HURRY!

Advertisements Advertisements Game Stop has a Funko Pop Glitch going on online right now! Game Stop has a deal for Buy 3 $11.99 Funko Pop characters get 1 FREE. BUT it is working on the higher priced Funko Pop as well, One is even as high as $24.99. Advertisements Click the link below to shop
STARBUCKS GLITCH WORKING AGAIN – Unlimited Free Coffee And Drinks!    **HOT**

STARBUCKS GLITCH IS WORKING AGAIN – Unlimited Free Coffee And Drinks! **HOT**

Advertisements Advertisements Starbucks Glitch – Follow Directions Below Get Starbucks App Here Once you have 125 points to redeem open you app and select your free item Click Redeem reward . DO Not exit out of app just make a new order and click redeem  Repeat as many times as you want Walk in and

Itchin For A Glitch – Here are The Latest Glitches!

Advertisements Advertisements Are you Itchin For A Glitch? Check out the Latest Glitches in our Glitch Deals Category Advertisements You can also Join Our Glitch Community Online Advertisements
Wireless Headphone FREEBIE GLITCH with Code!!!!!

Wireless Headphone FREEBIE GLITCH with Code!!!!!

Advertisements Advertisements   Wireless Headphones are one of the most popular bought headphones on the market!!!  If you are looking for either over the ear or in head earbuds/ headphones make sure to check out this HOT Wireless Headphone FREEBIE GLITCH below!! Advertisements Right now you can grab this Wireless Headphone FREEBIE GLITCH, either in
Bed in a Bag Glitch at Belks! 6-7 Pc Comforter Sets!

Bed in a Bag Glitch at Belks! 6-7 Pc Comforter Sets!

Advertisements Bed in a Bag Glitch GLITCH! Right now Belks has a bed in a bag glitch on their 6 pc and 7 pc sets! Plus these are reversible comforter sets and there are many styles to choose from. These are all on sale for just $39! The glitch is that ALL sizes are just
Cali Capelli Hair Straightener is GLITCHING!!  RUN!

Cali Capelli Hair Straightener is GLITCHING!! RUN!

Advertisements Cali Capelli makes is one of the top selling brands to purchase your Flat Irons and other hair accessories!   So, if you are looking for a new Hair Straightener or accessories, look no further because we have a HOT deal for you!  Check out this Cali Capelli Hair Straightener FREEBIE GLITCH below! Advertisements Glitch
Robitussin PRICE GLITCH Online at Walmart!

Robitussin PRICE GLITCH Online at Walmart!

Advertisements   Advertisements With the weather getting cooling, cough and cold season is upon us!  If you want to stock up on cough and chest congestion, check out this HOT deal available online at Walmart! Advertisements RUN for this deal!  Walmart currently has Adult Robitussin marked down for only 98 CENTS ONLINE!!! This would normally