Halloween Deals on Candy, Costumes and Decorations!

Halloween Deals

Halloween is one of our favorite Holidays! From the Halloween Candy, where you have special treats of all kinds from candy corn to chocolate, cookies, and more.  Then of course there are the awesome costumes.  Halloween is that one time of year that you can dress however you want, and oh my the creative outfits people come up with are super awesome! Don’t forget the decorations, I prefer the spooky side, my neighbor likes the cutesy decor.

When you start to think of it, Halloween can also become a little expensive along the way.  Halloween Candy, Costumes, and Decorations aren’t always the cheapest. But if you are in a pinch we have come up with a way to help you celebrate Halloween without breaking the bank.

How to Celebrate an Excitingly Spooky Halloween on a Sensible Budget

The arrival of Halloween means the festive season is just around the corner. When appropriately celebrated, Halloween is an exciting holiday for kids and adults alike. Unfortunately, the costs can quickly spiral out of control.With the looming expenses of Thanksgiving and Christmas, most people would like to enjoy a great Halloween without spending a fortune. Here are some practical ideas on how to do precisely that.

Start early

Whether your Halloween plans include hosting a party or just trick-or-treating, procrastination is not your friend. That is especially true if you’re on a budget. An early start gives you time to assess what you already have on hand, and what you can easily make with as little as possible. With that information, you’ll be better prepared to decide how you’ll spend your money. Brainstorm and search the web for inspiration as soon as possible, and then write out your plan.

Be flexible

Once you start shopping, you might find some items that cost more than you expected. Be willing to cut back or swap one idea for another. Make sure you have several plans you can switch between depending on what offers the best value.


People with a knack for crafts (and even those clumsy with a glue gun) can stretch their budget by making costumes, treats, and decorations of their own. If you’re short on ideas, don’t worry. Libraries and online searches can help spark your creativity. Books, magazines, and the web are full of recipes and crafts for any skill level and any budget. To keep costs low, search for projects that call for supplies you already have, such as toilet paper rolls, dinner napkins, or a stick from your yard.

Think thrifty

Resale shops often rotate merchandise with the season, just like major retailers do. Visit them at the right time, and you can find good, ready-made costumes and decorations within your budget. Thrift stores can also be great places to find essential costume props, such as rope for a cowboy, a black dress for a witch, or a cape for a superhero. When you browse, look for items that can serve alternative purposes. Perhaps a wreath could work as a hat, for example, or cotton from a pillow gets stretched into a cobweb.

Shop at dollar stores

Dollar stores offer hundreds of inexpensive items. As the name implies, some even price all merchandise at a dollar or less. In season, savvy shoppers can buy Halloween place settings, wall hangings, and lawn ornaments for minimal cash. Most stores also sell adhesives, glitter, and other supplies for crafts. Many will also stock toys, Halloween makeup, masks, and other items to complete a costume. For many people, Halloween is the highlight of fall. But there’s no need to let it put an unwelcome dent in your budget if you follow these tips to keep costs down.

Shop Clearance

Last but not least, Clearance Shopping!  If you can wait until the end of the Halloween Holiday season and you time it just right, you can score some Amazing Clearance deals.  This is especially our favorite time to shop.  We find Halloween Clearance Deals starting from 50% OFF, Up To 90% OFF!  End of season Clearance shopping is the best for any holiday, it’s a great way to save money and also be prepared for the following year.

Now that you have some great ideas on how to Celebrate an Excitingly Spooky Halloween on a Sensible Budget, let us help you find some HOT Deals!  Our team at Yes We Coupon is here to help you save money.


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