Facebook Glitch Groups are HOT! Join TODAY! (HUGE LIST)

Are you a member of all of our Glitch Groups. If not make sure to join for all the hot new Glitches, Clearance items, and HOT daily deals. These groups have so many different deals and so many post are made daily.

We currently have 9 Glitch Groups! Use the links below to join each one of our Glitch Groups today. Be sure to check in with these groups daily to keep up with all the new Glitch deal along with many other daily deals.  There will be glitches posted from many different stores in any of these groups!  Glitches such as, Amazon freebies, Walmart price mistakes or Wayfair Quantity errors!  All items you may want to get!  If you want MORE make sure to join a few of our other groups here!


Once you join any of these Groups you may see many deals that are in your stores and some may not be.  When shopping Walmart, keep in mind that YMMV (your miles may vary) with in store and online glitches!  When you join these groups we will LOVE to see your finds!  Both in store and online glitches can go out of stock very fast!  If you scored let us know! It may come back around again!

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