Pizza! Pizza!: 8 Tips to Get Little Caesars Promos and Deals

Founded in 1959, Little Caesars franchise locations rose to popularity as the third-largest pizza chain franchise in the world.

Their pizzas are usually pre-made ahead of time and can be purchased in the restaurant without the need to call and order ahead. They offer a basic, no-frills menu and their iconic soft, cheesy, and original garlic-flavored Crazy Bread.

The prospect of a hot pizza in just minutes, as opposed to a half-hour or more in other places, is an appetizing concept for many who are busy and hungry. But how do you get the best Little Caesars promos to save money?

If you’re looking for the best discounts on your “Pizza! Pizza!” then keep reading this post for more information about scoring deals at Little Caesars.

1. Sign Up for Email Little Caesars Promos

Aquick and simple way to get Little Caesars promos is by signing up on their website with an email address. There is no current automatic coupon awarded currently just for signing up, but you’re already well on your way to receiving mouthwatering Little Caesars deals sent directly to your inbox.

Keep checking back for new Little Caesars promo codes and limited-time Little Caesars pizza deals. Input your first and last name, email address, and state and zip code, along with your preferred Little Caesars restaurant and you’ll be kept in the loop just like that.

2. Check Social Media for Little Caesars Promos

Follow Little Caesars on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. From time to time, they will post limited-time Little Caesars promo codes for a certain amount off like a $3.14 promo code only good on Pi Day, March 14th.

They may also have Little Caesars promos for special pizza deals or for a free item like an order of Crazy Bread or a free 2-liter drink with a food purchase. These may not be very frequent but if you are a diligent social media scroller, you just might luck out.

3. Check the Little Caesars Website for Deals

Once in a while, Little Caesars will post special promotional pizza deals on their main website. There are usually Little Caesars promos connected to new promotional pizza deals or advertising campaigns. These don’t apply to everything on the menu and are usually only for a limited-time promotional period.

As part of their most recent promotion, Little Caesars offered a Batman-shaped Calzony, which was $7.99 at most restaurants. This special pizza was released as one of Little Caesars pizza deals to promote the release of the new 2022 movie The Batman in theaters on March 4th.

4. Take Advantage of the Hot-N-Ready Pizza Deals

One of the most famous Little Caesars promos is their Hot-N-Ready pizza deals. Each day from 4-8 pm you can walk into a Little Caesars location and walk out with a Hot-N-Ready pizza on demand for just $5.55.

There are no Little Caesars promos needed, just walk in between 4-8 pm for a pizza for $5.55 in most locations. You may also be able to get other items like wings and Crazy Calzonys for the same or less per additional item during this time. Prices in California, Alaska, and Hawaii may be higher.

5. Order a Little Caesars Meal Deal

Craving a side and a drink to go along with your tasty pizza? Well then, you’re in luck. By ordering one of Little Caesars Meal Deals you get a pizza, a 2-liter beverage, and a side.

Little Caesars currently offers Stuffed Crazy Bread for their side. Choose from a Diet Pepsi, regular Pepsi, Mountain Dew, or Sierra Mist for your 2-liter drink options.

You’ll get your drink, along with a classic pepperoni pizza, and a side of Stuffed Crazy Bread with dipping sauce for just $10. That’s considerably less than you would pay for each item separately. And best of all you don’t need any Little Caesars promo codes for this deal.

6. Look for Physical Little Caesars Coupons

Check your weekly mail for the special ad inserts where you can find physical Little Caesars coupons for a location near you. These ad inserts contain a flier of current Little Caesars promos and codes.

You can also search through your Sunday paper for special Little Caesar promos nestled inside.

And don’t throw away those Money Mailer adverts and ValPaks either. You never know what kind of goodies and promos you might find inside.

7. Complete Little Caesars Surveys for Freebies

Little Caesars has a special survey you can fill out to let them know how your Pizza! Pizza! experience went.

Don’t pass this up. This survey is one of the best ways to get some Little Caesars promos and Little Caesars coupons.

If anything was unsatisfactory about your most recent Little Caesars store visit or food experience, fill out the Little Caesars Listens feedback form on their website. They may send you a promotion for Free Little Caesars items to make up for it. And you can’t beat free!

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