Stimulus Checks Coming In September

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Is the next round of stimulus checks making its way to American’s as soon as September? It’s looking like it’s a possibility!

We have all been waiting anxiously for GOP to come to an agreement regarding a second wave of stimulus checks and whether or not there will be a second wave. Since the GOP will be busy with matters other than the next round of stimulus checks, it is looking like negotiations will continue on into September. If an agreement is reached by the Senate on September 8th, and is then passed by the House on the 9th, and goes on to be signed by the president on September 10th, the second round of stimulus checks could be sent out as soon as the week September 21st. It is likely that the amount will be the same or similar at the $1200 per person, $500 per child as the previous stimulus check. For more information, click below and be sure to follow us as we continue to update this story.

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