The Real Deal on Diaper Deals


Diapers aren’t cheap, costing parents of single babies or toddlers up to $100 a month. For a lot of us, having to invest that much money into diapers can put a real strain on our budget.

Fortunately, there are ways to save money on diapers–as long as you know where to look, when to shop, and how to shop.

That being said, we know that if there’s one thing parents rarely have in excess, it’s time! That’s why we’ve gone ahead and put together the ultimate guide to finding diaper deals each week!

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about saving money on diapers. Never over-pay for disposable essentials again!

Expecting? Throw a Diaper Shower

If you’re still expecting and haven’t thrown a baby shower yet, don’t be afraid to put diapers on your wish list. People tend to gravitate towards the cuter gifts, like toys, books, and clothing. If you’re using a website like Amazon to create your baby shower registry, click the “Prioritize” button next to the diapers and let people know that diapers are a must-have.

In addition, reach out to friends and family with kids who are exiting the diaper phase. Ask them if they have any extras that they’re willing to part with. You’d be surprised at how much parents tend to stockpile essentials like diapers to the point that they have more than they end up needing!

Start With the Unit Price

When you’re shopping with price-comparison in mind, things can get a little confusing. If two brands offer packs of diapers with different unit counts–like a pack of 12 for $16.99 vs. a pack of 16 for $19.99–it can be difficult to decide who’s offering the better deal.

The best way to take care of this conundrum is to do the math and figure out the price per unit. Using our above example, the first pack costs about $1.41 per diaper while the second pack costs about $1.24 per diaper. The second pack is the better deal.

Finding the price per unit is quick and simple–you can even do it in the store! All you need to do is open up your calculator app and divide the price of the pack by the number of diapers.

(This trick is especially helpful when one brand is on sale and the other isn’t. Seeing the word “sale” is always appealing, but first, make sure that the on-sale pack is, in fact, a better deal than the pack that’s full price.)

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Brands

It’s easy to become attached to a specific brand of diapers, especially when they’re a brand you’re already familiar with. For example, even those folks who don’t have any kids have almost certainly heard of Huggies and Pampers!

When you’re trying to shop for diapers on a tight budget, getting attached to a specific brand isn’t your best option. Look for at least three to five brands that you like and that produce quality diapers, including a few generic options. That way, you know that you have several trustworthy diapers to choose from when it comes to looking for good diaper deals.

Then, shop by what’s on sale rather than by brand!

Buy in Bulk

Remember when we talked about price by unit? The more you get into the habit of breaking down the cost of diapers by unit, the more you’ll start to notice a trend. The price per unit tends to go down as the packs get larger.

Buying in bulk isn’t always an option for every family. Sometimes, paying that much upfront simply isn’t in the budget. However, try to buy in bulk whenever possible to cut down on your overall diaper spending.

One way to make bulk purchases a more viable option is to join rewards programs. Rewards programs often use a points system that allows you to get discounts as you continue to make purchases. Save up your rewards points and use them to reduce the cost of larger diaper packs to double down on your savings!

Look for Diaper Deals

Following all of the steps we’ve talked about leads to our final piece of advice: stay on top of the latest diaper deals. The better you are at spotting a great deal and the more open you are to trying different brands, the easier it becomes to never pay full price for diapers again!

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Don’t Over-Pay for Diapers With Our Diaper Deal Tips

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