Tide Pods Light 3 in 1 INSANE CLEARANCE!

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Tide Pods are one of the top selling brands for all your laundry essentials!  The new Tide Pods Laundry Detergent gives you the deep clean with a light scent.  They are designed to dissolve even in cold water!  Get stocked up with not one but three clearance deals today!

RUN to your local Walmart and check your stores with these AMAZING clearance deals!  Walmart has now put on clearance the 3 in 1 Tide Pod containers!   There are three different scents to look for!  Originally costing $12.97 you can now get these for as little as $3.42!  Thanks to Walmart shopper Clarissa for sharing her find on Tide Pods with us!  You will want to check your stores with an inventory checker and the following skus- OCEAN MIST: 1004784559   LAVENDER SCENT: 1523811397   and WHITE LAVENDER: 1874227920.   Since this is an IN STORE ONLY DEAL, YMMV (your miles may vary) with in store clearance prices and quantity!


**Adding in this note- while searching for this product, you CAN NOT enter the upc/ sku into the Walmart App, or search bar online- these will only give you the ONLINE PRICES.  You must be in stores and scanning the products for in store clearance, or use an inventory checker!**


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