Top Items to Buy in March!

Ever wondered what is the best items to buy and when to buy them? Here is a list of items that are typically at their best prices for the month of March. March is known as the “Frozen Foods Month” so lots of frozen items to pack your freezer are typically on sale during this month.


Avocado Beans Beets Berries Broccoli Cabbage Citrus (including oranges, grapefruit and tangerines) Lettuce Mangoes Peas Spinach


Chocolate ♥ frozen foods- think veggies, pizzas, ice cream and more! eggs Ham Kraft food products pancakes (March 7th is National Pancake Day) Cereals (March 7th is also National Cereal Day- Heck, I think they should just rename National Breakfast Day) Soda (March Madness!) Chips & dip (March Madness!) Cheese & Crackers (March Madness!) Corned Beef Irish soda bread

Household Items:

  • Cleaning supplies: I smell spring cleaning in the air ♥
  • Exercise machines: Most people want to be outside so be on the lookout for drastic discounts.
  • Luggage: get ready for spring vacation!
  • Video games: after the holiday rush, sales slow down and so do the prices!
  • Jewelry: Think after Valentine’s Day clearance sales!
  • Winter clothing: out with the cold and in with the new! Look out for huge savings on coats, fleece and cold weather accessories!

Post/Pre Holiday Items:

Be on the look out for up to 90% off Valentine’s merchandise St. Patrick’s Day items (March 17th) Be on the lookout for clearance toward the end of the month and deals on items that are “green”!