Top Ten Hacks To Scoring Penny Items At Home Depot!

Top Ten Hacks To Scoring Penny Items At Home Depot!

If you love hunting for penny deals, you will want to read this information. Home Depot is my favorite store for penny deal hunting. While it is always YMMV, (your mileage may vary – meaning if you see one person is finding an item for a penny, it doesn’t mean you will score the same item in your store) But, it is always good to check, as most of the time the same merchandise is being cleared out.

Home Depot clearance sales are not nationwide.

Some stores will have the same items pennied out while others may not even have them in clearance yet. It is definitely a treasure hunt.

There is no policy in place at Home Depot

Regarding the sale of penny items.

Some stores will let you purchase penny items while others will not. Some stores will tell you that penny items are not to be sold.

Each department at Home Depot has it’s own clearance section.

Clearance items can also be mixed in with regular merchandise throughout the store.

Most of the clearance items are at the front of the store or on the end caps.

Do not ask an employee for a price scan. You will most likely lose your penny item if an employee scans it for a penny. Do not call corporate if they refuse to sell you a penny item. The more complaints they get from customers about not being sold a penny item, the more likely they will be to stop having penny items in the store at all.

Go through self checkout!

Check out quickly and go. If at all possible mute the sound on the register. If a cashier scans an item for a penny, they will probably pull it and refuse to sell it to you. Another thing to keep in mind is that the self checkout has a price check option. So, price check it first to make sure it’s a penny item. Try to scan the original bar code rather than the clearance tag when possible.

When you find a clearance item you are interested in (yellow tag clearance sticker) look for this:

If price ends in .06 = 50% off original price

Ending in .03 = 75% off original price

The .06 and the .03 indicate the number of weeks until the item becomes a penny. 6 weeks and 3 weeks. This is based on the date on the yellow Home Depot price tag. Any item clearanced with a born on date (BOD) of 8 months and 1 week from today’s date or older should be a penny. Home Depot generally pennies out items around 8-12 months. It takes about 250 days after the BOD for the item to go to a penny.

Every Home Depot is different on what they clearance out by region.

Seasonal items may clearance out faster than other items. If you see something with a huge price reduction, this is another sign it might be a penny item.

If Home Depot refuses to sell you a penny item, don’t make a fuss!

There have been instances where they have even refused the sell of a penny item after the customer has paid and has the receipt in hand. Just be civil about it and return the item to the employee. There will be more deals out there!

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