Vicks 3-in-1 Sleepy Time Humidifier ON CLEARANCE!

With the weather changing, allergies popping up, and sicknesses going around, now is the time to grab one of these Vicks 3 in 1 Sleepy Time Ultrasonic Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffusers!  This Diffuser will create a mist that helps restore moisture into a room with dry air.  Making it better for breathing for a more comfortable sleep.  Perfect if you are sick or have allergies!  Not only will this be good to restore moisture, it can also be used with essential oils to fill a room.  And it features color changing lights for a calming room.

Head over to Walgreens where you can score this deal as part of an online clearance price.  On top of getting an additional 10% off!  Originally costing $39.99 you can grab this deal for only $19.99!  And when you order online for an in store pick up you can use the promo code: WAG10 or FAST10 for an additional 10% off while logged into your account!  Check your stores for this amazing deal here!


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