Amazon Pantry Deals – Your Complete Guide!

Have you ever heard of Amazon Pantry?

If so, you might be wondering whether or not purchasing your food from Amazon would be worthwhile. Many families find filling their pantries a difficult endeavor. Out of their busy days, they have to carve out time to go to the grocery store and find food that both lasts long enough and fits within their budget.

For these families, Amazon Pantry deals might sound intriguing. But now that Amazon Pantry is gone, these families might want to know what deals they still can take advantage of when it comes to buying from Amazon.

Want to know how to fill your pantry with some crazy discounts that look like the best Amazon Prime Pantry deals? Keep reading to learn more!

What Was Amazon Pantry?

So, what what exactly was Amazon Pantry?

Amazon Pantry began under another name–Prime Pantry. It came about as Amazon tried to stay competitive with grocery stores, which had started offering online ordering and delivery options.

Amazon rebranded their pantry services as Amazon Pantry. If you wanted to shop using Amazon Pantry, you could get up to 45 pounds of food and household items for a shipping fee of $5.99.

For Prime members, shipping was free after a $35 order.

If you wanted to eliminate the shipping fee, you could purchase a Prime Pantry membership for $5 a month. Then, you could get unlimited deliveries for free shipping.

Usually, whether or not Amazon Pantry was worth it depended on how much you used it or the crazy Amazon Prime Pantry deals you found. With the deals, many people were able to find cheaper ways to feed their families. People who usually buy a lot of items for their families found the service worthwhile.

Others didn’t always find it worth the price if they didn’t need to order a wide variety of groceries. Yet, the best Amazon Pantry deals helped them get their money’s worth out of the service.

What Happened to Amazon Pantry?

In January 2021, Amazon made the decision to discontinue Amazon Pantry. Amazon issued refunds to those with Pantry memberships.

Instead, they started selling their food and household items alongside their products on their website, and people can purchase them from there. Amazon now steers people toward its Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods services, both of which provide the delivery of groceries.

So do Amazon Pantry deals still exist? Not exactly, but deals for groceries on Amazon do, and they can still save you a lot of money.


How to Get Better Amazon Pantry Deals

Do you still want to grocery shop on Amazon? Do you want to get good discounts that save as much money as Amazon Pantry deals did?

Even though you may no longer have the opportunity to shop on the Amazon Pantry page, you still can get great deals on the products sold through Amazon Pantry.

Amazon already has a reputation for offering products for the lowest price. Often, Amazon prices beat out their competitors already, making Amazon a fantastic service for those looking to fill their kitchens.

But if your family is like most, you want to get the best possible deals so that you can feed everyone and remain within your budget. So, how do you shop on Amazon for less?

Let’s go into how to get the best deals!

Get the Best Deals from Our Website

Did you know that we offer fantastic Amazon deals?

Here at Glitch N Dealz, we specialize in providing you with the best internet deals that help you save money. We help you find the best grocery and home and kitchen deals, in addition to whatever other Amazon products you need.

So, if you want to take advantage of the best options when it comes to Amazon deals, check out our pages and see what you can find! That way, you’ll be able to get some of the same products Amazon Pantry delivered for a fraction of the price!

Watch Amazon

Often, Amazon advertises its own deals under its Deals of the Day section.

If you want to find great discounts on food and other items, you can look at Amazon to find some high-quality discounts. Filling your cart with discounted items helps you save money on the things you need.

Use Honey

Have you ever heard of Honey? If you haven’t, you should consider using it.

Honey consists of a free browser extension that helps you find the best coupons on the internet. So, if you order through Amazon, Honey will automatically scan the internet for the best deals. You can then apply those coupons and save some money!

Honey also tracks the amount an item’s price fluctuates. So, if Amazon drops the price of an item, Honey will show you that! If you see something you want or need but think it’s too expensive, you can ask Honey to let you know when Amazon cuts the price.

Get Coupon Deals

Online, many people offered Amazon Pantry deals and have transitioned into highlighting deals they offer on Amazon’s site.

If looking all over the internet for deals sounds overwhelming and time-consuming, don’t worry! We have an app called Yes We Coupon to help you get the discounts you need on your grocery services.

You can get the app through both the Google and Apple app stores. Download them today to start saving!

Are You Ready to Save on Your Grocery Shopping?

Are you ready to start getting discounts that produce the same savings as Amazon Pantry deals did?

When people used to shop on Amazon Pantry, they would get a lot of needed products, often for less than what they would have spent in regular stores. Now that Amazon Pantry is gone, though, people may wonder whether or not they can still save on those products. If they know how to find and use the best coupons, they can!

Ready to start getting great deals? We can help! Check out our many fantastic discounts today, and contact us if you have any questions!

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