Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer HOT Clearance!

Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer HOT Clearance!

Tabletop Griddles and Air Fryers are great to have at the house, or camping!   It’s that time of year for camping!   If you are looking for a Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer Combo we have a HOT in store clearance deal for you!

Thanks to our member Chris for sharing his find on this product!  His store has it for $46, originally $147!  You can check your stores with the sku 609903019.   As always, YMMV (your miles may vary) with in store clearance prices and quantity!

About The Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer

The Blackstone Adventure Ready 17-Inch Tabletop Griddle Combo comes with a with Side Burner Stovetop and Fryer.  The two independent burners will make griddling and frying at the same time so easy!  No need to waste more time just to make another item after the first one is already cooked!  The griddle part is ideal for cooking eggs, steak, pancakes, and more. At the same time, you can fry up fries, corn dogs, or potatoes in the 4.3 liter fryer.  This is very easy to assemble and perfect to take with you on the go.  Use this at your house, camping, to parks, and even on a boat!  

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