Dollar Tree vs Dollar General: Which is Better?

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Is Dollar General Better Than Dollar Tree? [Explained]

Dollar Tree vs Dollar General, which is better to shop at?  We love to save money and search for the best deals, so we have done a comparison on which store will give you the best bang for your buck.

The so-called dollar store is highly profitable in the US. Companies that deliver products at a consistently low cost, whether that’s $1 or a few bucks, bring in billions every year.


The model is simple enough. Dollar Tree and Dollar General aren’t stores that could fulfill all of your weekly needs, but they can supplement a good deal of your shopping. With low prices and hidden gems, consumers stay excited about the prospect of finding a great deal.

The debate always comes down to Dollar Tree vs. Dollar General: which one is better? How do you measure what makes a store valuable to consumers and which store is doing a better job of fulfilling consumer needs?


Keep reading to learn more about the merits of both Dollar Tree and Dollar General and, ultimately, which one we prefer.

The Shopping Experience

One factor we’ll consider when weighing these two bargain stores is the shopping experience they both deliver. In other words, how does it feel to enter these franchises? Is it enjoyable to roam the aisles and do you want to take your time doing so?

Entering a Dollar General, you’ll find that most stores are up-to-date and fairly well organized. The displays are inviting and stocked with seasonal items shoppers are often looking for. The aisles have a logical flow, typically moving from housewares, clothing, and toys on one side to beauty and food products on the other.


Entering a Dollar Tree is not always the same experience. Dollar Tree locations tend to be bigger which is perhaps why individual locations have a hard time keeping shelves fully stocked. They promise a similar shopping experience to the one you’ll have at Dollar General but often fails to deliver when entire sections of the store are sold out of products.

Dollar General was designed to fulfill the needs of families who didn’t have quick access to stores like Walmart. Ultimately, they’ve succeeded in regards to creating a clean, modern, organized discount store. Dollar General provides a better shopping experience.


The Products

Saving money is always our biggest priority. However, it is important to find a balance between keeping costs low and purchasing quality products.

When walking the aisles of a Dollar General, you’ll likely notice a combination of brand name products and their generic counterparts. This gives shoppers the option to save money in the areas where the brand doesn’t matter but still find brands, such as Maybelline or Coca Cola, that they prefer.

Because Dollar Tree keeps all products at a flat rate of $1, you’re not going to find as many brand name products on their shelves. However, that doesn’t mean that those brand name products are nowhere to be found. It’s always possible that you’ll find hidden gems like Hershey’s ice cream or Tostitos chips.

When it comes down to it, the brand name vs generic debate comes down to preference. It’s worth noting that oftentimes, generic products come from the same manufacturers as brand name products. In other words, you can pay more for a product from a brand you recognize or save money on that same product with unfamiliar branding.

That being said, Dollar General wins the products category, too. Having a larger variety to choose from gives consumers more control over their spending habits. Plus, with slightly higher prices, Dollar General does tend to source from higher-quality generic brands.

It’s also notable that Dollar General may be able to fulfill more of your day-to-day needs. Most Dollar General locations offer a small selection of perishable necessities like milk and eggs. As of late, some have even begun to sell a small selection of produce, something that Dollar Tree is unlikely to do.

The Cost

If you’re unfamiliar with Dollar Tree vs Dollar General pricing, it may surprise you to discover that while Dollar Tree does stick to $1 products, Dollar General does not. As a result, you may find yourself spending less at a Dollar Tree than you will at a Dollar General. Does that mean that Dollar Tree is more cost-effective?

Not exactly. In order to keep their prices down to $1 per product, Dollar Tree sells smaller products. As a result, you’ll end up going through your Dollar Tree purchases, such as toothpaste and cereal, at a faster rate and have to restock your cabinets sooner.

In the long run, you can lose money by shopping at Dollar Tree because that money doesn’t go as far. For example, Dollar Tree may sell a single roll of paper towels for $1, which seems fair enough. However, when you discover that another store sells those same paper towels in a pack of 3 for $2.50; it no longer seems like a good deal.

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Dollar General Wins the Debate

On the surface, you may expect that Dollar Tree and Dollar General are two sides of the same coin. The truth is that when you get into the details of the Dollar Tree vs Dollar General debate, Dollar General comes out on top. From superior shopping experiences to higher-quality products to better cost-effectiveness, Dollar General provides a better bang for your buck.

If you’re like us, savvy shopping is a must. That’s why we try to save you time by finding the best deals and coupons for all of your favorite stores. To find out more, contact us and download our app to start saving today.