Trick R Treat At Walmart’s Spooky Street Locations!

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Trick R Treat At Walmart’s Spooky Street Locations!

Walmarts Spooky Street Trick R Treat Event!-

Are you looking to bring your kids out to trick r treat? If so then this is the place to be! Walmart has decided to make a big event all over the US this Halloween! This event will be full of spooky surprises, treats, costumes, and more! Enjoy a family night filled with fun and candy! Spooky Street is a new thing being presented by Walmart where select nights you can go out and trick or treat with the whole family! Each party is a limit of 5 with a max number or 3 minors! However, you can still go with the whole crew by making different reservations! This is an event that required reservations and it is completely free! All you have to do is go and enjoy!



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In select states, you will be able to enjoy a night out with the whole family! This event is put on by Walmart and is called spooky street! So hurry and put on your favorite costumes and get ready for the night of your life! Trick r treat and show off your costumes to all the houses along Spooky street! Not only is this super fun but it will also be super safe and completely contactless! There will be Walmart staff around each street for any questions or concerns and tons of goodies to enjoy! To book your reservation or to learn more simply follow the shop now button located above! Happy Spooky Season!


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