Walmart Dollar Spot Now at Your Local Walmart’s!

Walmart’s new dollar spot!

If you love a good deal, then Walmart has a new part of their store you won’t want to miss! Walmart dollar spot is coming to all the Walmart’s near you! This spot gives you a wide selection of drink and dinner ware, seasonal items, socks, dog toys, and even some outdoor toys. Walmart’s dollar shop compares to Targets Dollar spot, and you can decide what ones your favorite! These Walmart dollar spots aren’t available at every Walmart, but they will be soon! So be sure to check out your local Walmart. These dollar spots can be found in the front of your store and is a great spot to check out before you finish all your shopping.

What you can find in the dollar spot

This Walmart dollar spot will have a mix of items all ranging from $1-$5. This spot will be filled with tons of seasonal items. This is a great spot to grab stocking stuffers, easter basket filler and any other small items for all the other holidays. They also carry different types of water bottles, tumblers and even plates and bowls. You can also find socks and some dog toys. This dollar spot is full of fun little outside toys and other random gadgets like safety lights, hand fans and more. This dollar shop is a great spot to grab little things you need around your home like new reusable straws, kitchen spatulas, and even kitchen towels. We have even been seeing some gardening items like self-watering tools, gloves and even little plant stands. This dollar section is constantly being refilled and adding new items keeping it fresh for you to shop new goodies.

Things you can’t get here

Now the only thing we haven’t seen in the Walmart dollar spot has been any type of electronics. We know that at Target in their dollar are you can usually find chargers and even earbuds. Know we haven’t seen any of these available in their dollar shop yet, but they may be coming.

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