Amazon Subscribe And Save – How To Maximize Your Savings

Subscribe & Save at Amazon

Do you run out of the same staple products, such as toilet paper and trash bags, every month or so? Online retail giant, Amazon has created a service designed to solve this problem. If you are looking for a practical way to save money and time, the Amazon Subscribe & Save Program is a great option.

What is Amazon Subscribe & Save?

Amazon Subscribe & Save is a subscription service. It automates the purchasing and delivery of your most commonly used products. The service features customizable, recurring delivery schedules, discounts, free shipping, and no monthly fees as its main incentives.

Types of Products You Can Buy with Subscribe & Save

There are several everyday products you know, love, and use on a regular basis, and many of these products run out. These are consumable goods or items you buy, use and replenish. These products are ideal for a subscription service.

There are over 100,000 products eligible for the program in the following categories:

  • Groceries
  • Household supplies
  • Personal care products
  • Pet supplies
  • Baby care and food Items
  • Auto supplies
  • Health care items
  • Industrial and office supplies
  • Beauty products

Subscribe to Products

You can view all products eligible for the service at the Subscribe & Save Store. You start by selecting the Subscribe & Save option on any page of eligible products.

Customize Your Delivery Frequency

You can customize how often each product ships to you by choosing a delivery schedule of every one, two, three, or six months. With these delivery options, you can set up a highly customized delivery schedule. For example, you can receive toilet paper every month and batteries every six months.

Confirm and Manage Your Subscription

To confirm your subscription, you must click the “Subscribe Now” button. Once your subscription is active, you can edit it on the “Your Account” > “Your Subscribe & Save Items” page. You can skip future deliveries, update quantities, or cancel your subscriptions. There is no commitment or contract, allowing you to make edits without any penalty.

Before each delivery, Amazon will send you a delivery notification email. The email will contain your product list, the total price, and any applied discounts.

What Kind of Discounts Can You Expect?

You get free standard shipping on all Subscribe & Save purchases. You also get discounts on all purchases made through Subscribe & Save. The two discounts you can receive are up to 5% and 15% off on all your purchases.

How to Qualify for the Discounts

To receive 5% off of your entire purchase, you must subscribe to one to four items per month. To qualify for the 15% discount off of your entire purchase, you must subscribe to five or more items per month. These items must ship to a single address for you to receive your discount every month.

Combine Coupons and Other Discounts for Increased Savings

You can combine the Amazon Subscribe & Save discounts with other Amazon discounts. There is also a digital coupon section for Subscribe & Save items. You can click the “Clip Coupon” button on any article, and that discount will apply to your first delivery.

There are two types of coupons available in this section. You can find them for percentages off, or specific dollar amounts off. These coupons are an extra saving on top of your existing Subscribe & Save 5% or 15% discount.

Do you have children in diapers? As a parent, you can get even deeper discounts. If you join the Amazon Mom or Family program and Subscribe & Save, then you will get 20% off all diapers. Plus, you will get free standard shipping on your order.

How to Get the Most from the Program

Here are some tips and strategies you can use to ensure that you get the most out of Subscribe & Save.

Keep It Simple at First

The easiest way to use the service is to start with a small monthly subscription of five items. Starting with five items will qualify you for the maximum discount of 15% off, and you will not have to edit your subscriptions at the last minute to get the discount. You can work your way up to a more complicated delivery schedule using the two-,  three-, and six-month options for more infrequent purchases.

Focus on a Few Staples First

It is easy to get carried away when purchasing things from Amazon. You should take some time to create a list of whatever you need to replenish every month. Then go to Amazon and see if those items or something very similar is eligible for Subscribe & Save.

Preparing your subscription list this way will save you a lot of time. It will also prevent you from scrolling through the S&S Store, and purchasing items that are not a priority.

Use the Coupon Section to Try Expensive Products

You can use the coupon section to get savings on expensive things you do not intend to order every month. For example, one month you can use your discount to buy a more expensive product, and then the next month remove it or replace it with another luxury item that has a coupon. This practice will allow you to try out expensive products for deeper discounts every month.

Review Your Subscription Once Per Month

Before your delivery, you will receive a notification email from Amazon. Every time you receive this email, you should go to the coupon section to check for deals. You can swap, add or remove items as needed.

Over time, you will get faster and more efficient at editing your subscriptions. You will get better at anticipating your product needs. Soon, it should only take a few minutes per month to manage your subscriptions.

Is Amazon Subscribe & Save Right For You?

This service is perfect for busy parents, professionals, and bargain hunters. Whether you hate shopping or want to save time, this is an excellent service for you. It makes sense to get a discount and free shipping on the things you would buy anyway.

On top of the savings, you get the bonus of automatic delivery, which is a huge time saver. This service will help you shave time off of those routine weekly or monthly shopping trips. If you use the service enough, you could eliminate a few of those trips. The more you use Amazon Subscribe & Save, the more time and money you will save.


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