Arctic King Chest Freezer HOT Clearance Item at Walmart!

Arctic King is one of the top selling brands for Chest Freezers!   If you have been searching for a Chest Freezer (or deep freezer), this is one deal you won’t want to miss checking out on the Arctic King Chest Freezer!  Check your stores for this HOT deal on this deep freezer Walmart clearance find!

HOT clearance on an Arctic King 5 cubic foot Chest Freezer!  Marked down as low as $35 (was $227)!!  If you’re looking for a Artic King Chest Freezer, then don’t miss this!  You can check your stores with the sku- 45723096 and our inventory checker button below! As always, YMMV (your mileage may vary) with in store clearance prices and quantity!  We absolutely LOVE our Artic King Chest Freezer!  We keep ours loaded on frozen veggies, pizzas, ice cream and so much more!  It is very convenient to have for the last minute meals for something to defrost, or just throw in the oven without having to run to the store!  Keep your Deep Freezer stocked with the goodies you love to!  You won’t go wrong with his deep freezer Walmart purchase!


 It’s easy to add a large-capacity freezer to almost any space in your house! This compact freezer gives you extra room for your frozen foods, looks good and takes up minimal space in your home or business.  If you are shopping for your house, garage, basement, apartment, kitchen, cabin, lake house, time share, or business, the black or white (either color where available) chest freezer can meet your needs when it comes to frozen foods. It comes with a removable storage basket, easy-access defrost drain, easy-clean interior and gasket and recessed handle empower effortless use.  


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