AT&T Offering $5.00 Internet To Low Income Families!


If at least one person in your family receives Food stamps, your household is eligible for AT&T internet for as low as $5.00 per month joining competitors Comcast (CCV), Google Fiber, and some local government and nonprofit who offer similar packages. The offer will be available through 2021 in an effort to bridge “The Digital Divide” by bringing affordable, reliable internet to families that would otherwise be forced to rely on school or cell phones for internet.

Pricing varies based on where you live and which speed is available in your area. Access from AT&T will offer 3Mbps connections for $5 a month, and faster 5Mbps or 10Mbps connections for $10 a month. All installation and equipment fees will also be waived. There will be data limits for people using the program, up to 600GB a month, and overage charges for anyone who uses more.

Read more about the new program here!