Better Homes and Garden 8 Cube Organizer HOT CLEARANCE!

Add a little extra storage to your home, either in a bedroom, family room or kids room.  This Better Homes and Garden 8 Cube he perfect size to display books, collectibles, photos, artwork, storage bins and baskets plus so much more!  This Organizer can stand vertically or horizontally to best make use of the space in your home.

This Better Homes and Garden 8 Cube Organizer would make the perfect addition to any room of your home, especially if you are looking for something that will be additional storage.  Originally costing $79, this Organizer has been found IN STORES for only $19.49!  As of right now the only color on clearance you will want to look for is the TABACCO OAK.   Use an inventory checker with the SKU: 479076277 to check your local stores clearance price!   Since this is an IN STORE ONLY deal, YMMV (you miles may vary) with in store clearance prices and quantity.


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