Ceramic 3 Piece Bowl Set Closeout Deal!

Add some color to your kitchen counters to keep dry ingredients stored away, offer organization to your cabinets and counters, or stack them easily when not in use.   This Ceramic Mixing Bowl Set will do just the trick for anything you have in mind for your kitchen space!  This three piece set can be used anywhere!  On a vanity, out in the open for decorations, in bathrooms, but can also be used as mixing bowls in your kitchen!  Each one comes with a raised geometric pattern and wood tops for the perfect look!

Whether you are looking for new mixing bowls, something to keep dry ingredients, or even to use as decoration this Ceramic 3 Piece Bowl Set will be perfect for you!  Originally costing $60 you can now grab them for only $26 as part of Wayfairs Closeout Deal!   You can check out this set directly from our shop now button below!