Children Immunized With No Parental Consent or Knowledge?


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The year 2020 to say has been crazy is an understatement.  Many of us are parents, facing new challenges and doing the best we can for our kids.  From finding deals to save money and provide, helping homeschool and more we go above and beyond for our precious little ones.  Now a new bill has passed that once again changes how we take care of our kids.  Washington DC passed a bill allowing children as young as 11 years to consent to receiving vaccines without their parents knowing.  Yes, without parental consent or knowledge your child could opt to be immunized!


Vaccines have always been a topic of debate, they are given starting as an infant and more through the years, plus each year there is the optional flu shot as well.  While some strongly believe in the importance of vaccines others do not or maybe for religious reasons decline to receive them.  With this new bill your child as young as 11 years old could make that decision themselves and you would never be informed!    It’s not about politics or even if you are pro or anti vaccine, I personally feel it’s overstepping boundaries of the parents who should be informed and making a medical decision.  I am curious to know other parent’s thoughts on this topic.  The Washington DC bill still has 2 more steps before it becomes law, you can read more details below.


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