Duraflame Fire Starter Logs Price Glitch at Walmart!!!!!!

Duraflame is one of the most popular brands for Fire Starters and sold at Walmart in their camping section!  So, if you need to stock up on Duraflame Fire Starting Logs, make sure to check out this HOT price glitch found at Walmart!

Frist, This is an in store purchase but is advertised that the Duraflame 6pk Fire Starter Logs are on not sale or even on clearance.   Usually this pack costs around $19.99, and it is being advertised for just $3.97 which is the cost of the individuals.   So, you can check your Walmart with the sku 239887097 and our inventory button below, and head to your store!!!!   Because Price glitches are subject to change at any given point in time make sure to check this deal fast!   Finally, thanks to our member Renae for sharing this with us!!!  And it is the perfect time of year to have this item be marked lower then what it actually should!   As always, YMMV with in store prices and quantity!


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