Frigidaire Ice Maker $21 CLEARANCE!

With Summer right around the corner, camping season starting and BBQs happening it’s time to always have ice on hand!  This Counter Top Ice Maker by Frigidaire is designed to make 26 pounds of ice in 2 different size.  Keep ice on hand for larger parties, bring it camping so you have ice cold drinks or just use it at home!  This Counter Top appliance is sleek and compact, so you can fit it in the corner of your kitchen, or when not in use store it in a cabinet!

Check your local stores for this Frigidaire Ice Maker!   Originally costing up to $129.99!  Now this Counter Top Ice Maker has been put on clearance in many stores for as little as $21, however your area may be cheaper!  There are three color options to check your stores for!  BLACK-SKU: 465158103 or UPC: 058465815899.   RED-SKU: 559382890 or UPC: 058465815226. and BLUE-SKU: 768308398 or UPC: 058465815219.   Since this is an in store clearance deal, YMMV (your miles may vary) with in store clearance prices and quantity!

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