Good Bye Rite Aid — Is Yours Closing?! We Have a List!

I didn’t see this coming! Walgreens had scrapped its plan to buy Rite Aid corp after the plan was terminated by antitrust regulators. But it isn’t black and white. Walgreens will instead buy a smaller piece of the chain and it’s impact will be BIG. Some states will lose Rite Aid altogether!

Walgreens will be acquiring 1900 Rite Aid stores and become the largest drug store chain in the United States. Rite Aid is destined to become a more regional chain. How will your area be affected? These changes are slated to happen over the next 6 months.

The following states will no longer have any Rite Aid stores: 

Rhode Island
South Carolina
West Virginia

The following states will have fewer Rite Aid stores:

Colorado – 21 stores reduced to 3 stores
Connecticut – 77 stores reduced to 34 stores
Massachusetts – 144 stores reduced to 10 stores
New Hampshire – 68 stores reduced to 62 stores
New Jersey – 251 stores reduced to 133 stores
New York – 596 stores reduced to 323 stores
North Carolina – 222 stores reduced to 9 stores
Ohio – 224 stores reduced to 217 stores
Pennsylvania – 536 stores reduced to 534 stores
Vermont – 37 stores reduced to 6 stores
Virginia – 185 stores reduced to 82 stores

No change in these states:

California (576 stores)
Delaware (42 stores)
Idaho (14 stores)
Michigan (274 stores)
Nevada (1 store)
Oregon (73 stores)
Washington (139 stores)


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