Grocery Store Couponing! – Learn How In 10 EASY Tips

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Grocery Store Couponing10 EASY Tips For Successful Grocery Store Couponing!

  • Get familiar with the store’s Coupon Policy. If you have not shopped at that store in a while, it’s a good idea to review it before you head to the store to avoid potential “surprises” at the register. Most stores will have the policy available online on their website. Be sure to pay close attention to:
  • If the store doubles coupons and the guidelines
  • How many of the same coupon can be used or if they limit the number of coupons used in a transaction
  • Guidelines for BOGO Sales and Using Coupons
  • Find out if your store offers any additional savings opportunities like Store Coupons, Digital Coupons, Double or Triple Coupon Events or Store Coupons (Like Super Doubles at Harris Teeter or The Kroger Mega Sale Events), Acceptance of Competitor Coupons, etc
  • Have a plan. Be sure to review the flyer before you head to the store. Do a Google Search or ask other local couponers about Coupon Blogs that specialize in your local grocery stores. Find a blog that offers Coupon Matchups. These are a matchup of all the current sale items and any available coupons. It will tell you where to find the coupons or have links to print them. This can alleviate a lot of time and work trying to do it yourself!

Additional Tips:

  • Be prepared for super hot deals to sell out. Plan to get to the store early the first day of the sale. If you cannot, ALWAYS be sure to get rainchecks if available.
  • Be courteous to both the store employees and customers that may get stuck behind you.
  • Be as organized as possible at the register. It makes it so much easier on everyone.
  • Never leave the store without reviewing your receipt. Its so much easier to remedy a mistake before you exit out the door.


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