Shopping Guide: Which Stores Have the Best Clearance Shopping?

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If you ask us, clearance shopping is an art form. It’s all about having that expert eye to spot a great bargain.  We have come up with a shopping guide to help you get the best out of clearance shopping.

But, you also need to know the basics of the when, where, who, what, and how to clearance shop. To help you out, we’ve compiled this clearance shopping guide to the best stores for sales. You’ll be the envy of your friends and family when you show off the great deals you’ve found!

So, to find out what to look for and when to go clearance shopping, keep reading.


When it comes to clearance shopping at Walmart, there are several tips you need to know to make sure you’re buying items at their lowest price. While Walmart regularly offers competitive prices, you can save even more money by following these hacks!

First, take a look at the final number of an item’s price. When an item ends in “7”, this is its original price (for example, $24.97). When it ends in “5” (such as $18.95) this its first markdown. When the item’s price ends in “1” or “0”, this is the final markdown for that item and the cheapest you will be able to buy it for (so, $13.90).

Next, it’s easy to save money in Walmart’s bakery section by purchasing yesterday’s items. There is a minimal difference in taste and texture, yet there is a huge price drop.

Last, be sure to check online prices against the figure you see in store. Walmart will match their items to a lower online price if you can find them. This is where our daily-updated Walmart clearance page comes in handy!


Another great store for clearance shopping is Target. By knowing how and when to do your clearance shopping, you can easily save as much as 70% on prices here.

If you’re shopping in person, keep an eye out for the bright yellow price tags. This is an easy way to spot reduced prices. Check the top right corner to see the discount percentage so you can see how good a deal you’re getting.

The ends of aisles facing the wall are where you’ll often find the clearance section. Prices are normally reduced by 15% to start, and they tend to mark down their prices again every 2-3 weeks, up to 70% off.

Another great way to save money at Target is by getting a free gift card! Click here to find out how to get yours.

J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory is the online outlet version of the all-American store you know and love. For the ultimate preppy chic, save some money by heading to their page.

The J.Crew Factory website regularly offers as much as 70% of their lines of clothing. They have a great range of items for women, men, and children too. In addition to clothing they stock shoes, accessories, jewelry, and now even face masks!

Don’t forget to check out our website regularly for J.Crew coupons and glitches to help save extra money on top of their regular discounts.

Victoria’s Secret

Not many women can say no to the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret lingerie and pajamas. However, the higher prices can be a little offputting.

Luckily, with our app, we can help you find the best Victoria’s Secret clearance sales and reductions. For the best Victoria’s Secret deals, check out our dedicated offers page and download our app to make sure you’re notified when the prices drop.

If you’re wondering what kind of deals you can get at Victoria’s Secret, check our website regularly to find out more.

Best Buy

If you’re looking for reasons to clearance shop, simply take a look at Best Buy. Their clearance sales make the extra effort worth it.

The Best Buy Clearance Outlet has amazing deals on electrical deals all year round. There’s no need to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday for your discounts on televisions, cellphones, computers, and more. If you know a loved one is after a technical upgrade, here’s the best place to get them a great deal.

The reason some of their prices are so low is because the goods can be refurbished, open-box items, and also overstock. Sometimes there is minor cosmetic damage on the items, but this is clearly stated in the product description.

When a scratch on a phone can easily be covered up with a case, why wouldn’t you go for it?

Saks Off Fifth

Next, if you’ve got a weakness for designer labels, pay attention. If you love the items at Saks, but not necessarily their price tags, check out Saks Off Fifth.

Saks Off Fifth features many of the same brands as the flagship Saks store in New York City. This online outlet is known for as much as 75% off designer labels such as Valentino, Marc Jacobs, and Jimmy Choo.

In addition to these clearance sales, stay-at-home moms love using our deal finder to get even more money off Saks’s items.


Next, some of the best clearance shopping can be found at T.J.Maxx. They offer great deals for men and women both in-store and online. T.J.Maxx specializes in discounted brand name clothing, such as Ralph Lauren, Adidas, and Tommy Hilfiger.

While T.J.Maxx will have some bargains online, their stores are where the real gems are found. If you have the patience to sort through the racks, you are sure to find some amazing purchases.

Wednesday is in particular is the best day to head to their store. This is the day of the week they tend to mark down their prices, so head in early to make the most of these offers.

That’s Your Ultimate Clearance Shopping Guide

Having shared with you our top choices for a clearance shopping guide, it’s time to hit the sales! Make sure you stay refreshed during your shopping… or better yet, head online and make some savings from the comfort of your own home.

If you found this article helpful, check out the rest of our website for other money-saving tips and tricks. Don’t forget to download our app to get access to the best coupons direct from your phone.

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