How To Coupon in a Week – Step By Step Guide

Welcome, Newbie! I’m so glad you stopped by to learn how to coupon with us! If you are poking around this page, then you’re probably looking for information on how to become a super savvy, coupon-clipping, money-saving machine because Everyone Loves Couponing! You’ve definitely come to the right place! Welcome to our learning center for brand-spanking NEW couponers just like you. We’ve packed it full of valuable information to have you couponing in less than a week! Are you ready and excited?? Well, hang on because you are taking the first step in completely changing your life as you know it – trust me, you will NEVER look back!

Learn How To Coupon In A Week – 7 Day Start-Up Guide!

Day 1: Let there be Organization!

The first thing you will want to determine is how you will keep your coupons organized. The two most popular methods are the infamous Coupon Binder or the File System. You can read all about those and choose the one that’s best for you HERE.

Day 2: Create Your Coupon Arsenal!

If you wanna kill those deals, you gotta get some coupons! Let me point you in the right direction. The one way to obtain coupons everyone seems to know about is the Sunday Newspaper (some parts of the country may get them on a different day, but most areas get them Sunday.) There are 3 different types of coupon inserts you may receive – remember these names! They will be very important throughout the rest of your coupon-loving life and especially this week as you learn how to coupon! Say Hello to my little friends – SmartSource (SS), RetailMeNot (RMN), and Proctor & Gamble (P&G).

As we mentioned already, a great easy way to get coupons is to print them yourself.  As long as you have a printer and a compatible device to print with, you’re in business!  You can get Printable coupons (aka IPs – internet printables) HERE

In addition to physical coupons, there are lots of additional resources to utilize to save even more money Yep another reason why everyone loves couponing. Some stores offer “Digital Coupons” that you can load to your store loyalty card. Check your stores to see if this is something they offer! In most cases, digital manufacturer coupons cannot be stacked with paper manufacturer coupons, but that may vary depending on the store. YMMV. Another EASY way to save is to take advantage of money-saving coupon apps! These are all completely FREE and they can really help boost your savings even more if you can believe it! Most app rebates offered are one-time use only unless otherwise specified.


Day 3: Time for a Lesson in Couponing 101!

The key to becoming a successful couponer is building a strong foundation. Our team here at Yes We Coupon is devoted to doing the hardest part of couponing – figuring out the deals. Your job as a newbie is very easy – but it also means it’s very easy to screw up your entire future of couponing by not taking this step seriously. You can’t have fun without fundamentals, so let’s dive into a lesson in lingo!  This is vital as you learn how to coupon!

Read Here > – A Lesson In Coupon Lingo!

Day 4: Save TIME and MONEY by Letting Us Help You Get Deals!

Everyone Loves Couponing But not every loves the work involved. Once you have the lingo down pat, you’re ready to find some deals! That may sound hard, but the fact is…that’s what we are here for! We post tons of great deals for a wide variety of stores right here on our website. We have deals for TONS of popular stores including Target, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and more! Let’s put that brand new vocabulary to good use and learn how to understand the coupon deals when we post them – these are known as “Breakdowns”.

Day 5: Get the Lowdown on Coupon Fraud

It sounds like a serious thing and that’s because it is, especially as you learn how to coupon! Learning to coupon properly from the get-go can save you a ton of issues long term. It’s crucial everyone who uses coupons makes it their mission to abide by the “Rules” of couponing to keep it sustainable for everyone long term.

Day 6: Your stock is about to skyrocket – Stockpile that is!

It’s impossible to get rock bottom prices on everything you and your family use and consume week after week. Sales always come back around, but it can take several weeks or sometimes even months. This is where stock-up prices and stockpiling come into play. Stock up price is when an item hits its lowest price point. In many cases, this may make it free or if not free, extremely cheap. Stockpiling is buying items when they are at their lowest price point with the hope that you have enough of the product to get to the next sale. However, stockpiles are extremely personalized and can vary greatly from person to person based on their needs or storage space.

There is a pattern every year when it comes to stockpiling for specific items, check out this helpful article for when you can expect to see deals on specific items! Read It Here >>>>> The Sales Cycle: What to Stock up on and WHEN!

Day 7: Time to Put Your NEW Skills to work!

The day has come and I’ve equipped you with everything you need to know to get started on the right track to saving tons of money! Finally, you will now be able to purchase more, pay less, and use that extra money for other things you and your family needs or wants! We are here to help you in your journey to becoming a super-savvy savings expert every day. Be sure to check out our website and our Facebook Page for TONS of deals posted daily. Good Luck & Happy Couponing!!!

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