How to Find the Best Hotel Deals: 9 Tips to Know

Are you always on the hunt for how to find the best hotel deals?

Here in 2022, the American hotel industry is worth over 100 billion dollars. This makes hotels one of the most profitable sectors of the travel industry altogether.

The good news is that staying at a nice hotel doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, what if we told you that there are simple tips and tricks for making hotel-stays genuinely affordable?

If you’re looking for an excuse to book your next vacation, you’re going to want to read this. We’re sharing nine incredible tips on how to find the best hotel deals in your area today.

Not only will this allow your vacation to feel more guilt-free, but it also means that you can spend your hard-earned money on the fun things!

1. Call the Hotel Directly

Of course, it’s always tempting to book your hotel reservations through an advertisement agency.

While these agencies offer more inexpensive options, some hotels are willing to match or even beat these prices. It’s also important to remember that calling the hotel directly could award you other advantages. These are things such as possible upgrades, valet services, and even discounted dining or spa.

2. Keep It Last Minute

Are you willing to book a last-minute vacay?

If so, doing so is likely to save you money on your hotel fare. When a room is still available even a few days before an anticipated stay, the fare will often be reduced.

For those moments when you’re not abiding by a strict timeline, these last-minute bookings can yield incredible savings!

3. Ask for an Upgrade

When asking for an upgrade, it’s best to do so at the end of the day.

With this, the hotel staff will have an idea as to which rooms are likely to remain available overnight. If it’s not busy, the staff will be all the more likely to upgrade you to a better suite.

While this may not save you money initially, it does mean that you’ll get more bang for your buck.

4. Make It Special

Are you booking your hotel room for a special occasion?

Maybe you’re celebrating your retirement. Or, perhaps you’re newly engaged and looking to celebrate. If you call the hotel directly and explain your reason for the celebration, they may award you with a discount or a room upgrade.

In the very least, perhaps a complimentary bottle of bubbly could put a smile on your face.

5. Make Use of Coupons

One of the most simple and worthwhile ways to save money on hotels is through the use of coupons.

The good news, you ask?

Coupons today are widely available on the internet today. Whether you’re looking for travel coupons or restaurant coupons, you can rest assured that there’s a wide variety of coupons available on today’s marketplace.

With these coupons, you can simply apply the code at checkout and save money instantly. Now that’s a money-saving tip we can get behind!

6. Bundle Your Hotel and Flight

If you’re hopping on an airplane, why not bundle your flights with your hotel?

This is a fast and simple way to save money from the get-go. This is especially worthwhile if you’re booking a family vacation and going to make use of the nearby attractions.

You can also look to bundle this package with anything from a car rental to sight-seeing attractions in the area. If you’re going to be playing tourist for the week, this is a great opportunity to book everything at once.

7. Join an Email List

Let’s face it, no one likes to receive junk mail.

It’s annoying. It’s time-consuming. And sometimes it can be downright maddening. Whether it’s in our physical mailbox or our virtual mailbox, it’s not too often that junk mail is a good thing.

In order for junk mail to be positive, it needs to provide something of value to the receiver. With hotels, much of the emails that they send to their mailing list will contain discounts. Whether it’s a discount on a stay or a special deal for that month, these emails can yield significant savings.

8. Subscribe to Price Drop Alerts

If you’re a frequent hotel guest, you know that hotel rates fluctuate throughout the day and throughout the week.

With a high-traffic day, rates are likely to increase. When traffic begins to dwindle, rates decrease in order to attract potential guests.

Instead of spending your days monitoring the web, do yourself a favor and sign up for price drop alerts. In doing so, you’ll automatically be notified when a hotel that you’re interested in experiences a rate drop. This is a simple and effective way to remain aware of a decrease in pricing.

9. Sign up for a Reward Program

Is there a certain hotel that you’re partial to?

If you tend to stay in the same hotel chain over and over again, why not become a valued member of this hotel? In becoming a member, you’ll become part of the official hotel reward program.

As a valued guest, this program will offer you a number of benefits throughout your stay. This could be anything from a free night’s visit to a discount at the hotel bar, restaurant, or spa.

If you’re going to be staying at this hotel regardless, why not save money while you’re doing it?

How to Find the Best Hotel Deals

Are you looking to book your next vacation without having to pay an arm and a leg?

If so, you’re certainly not alone in this desire. Today, over 39 million Americans report struggling to afford a vacation. If you’re nodding your head, let’s start with how to find the best hotel deals.

So, how can you make saving on hotels a reality today? Before you book your next dream vacation, be sure to use our guide above. From calling the hotels directly and using coupons to booking last minute and joining a rewards program, saving money o hotels doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Are you always on the hunt for the best deals? If so, be sure to read these pro tips on saving money.