How To Save Money on Gifts for Everyone In Your Life



 How To Save Money on Gifts for Everyone In Your Life

You just celebrated your child’s birthday last week and your brother’s graduation is coming up in 3 days. There always seems to be a new occasion that you need to purchase a gift for but how can you afford to when you’re on a tight budget?

freebies-get-tons-of-free-stuff-for-your-birthday/”>Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays these are all special occasions when we need to shell out money for gifts. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune or screw up your entire budget just to give someone a nice gift.

Here are some tips you can use to save money on gifts for everyone in your life.

Shop Clearance Sales

If you’re not a regular clearance shopper, you will be surprised to know the mini fortune you can save just by shopping for items from the clearance sections of your favorite stores. You can find all kinds of things on clearance from toys to clothing to electronics and even a very nice bedding set to give your mom on Mother’s Day.

Sometimes it’s easy to find the perfect gift item just by visiting a few stores and hitting up the clearance isles. Other times you have to work a little harder to find a nice gift at a price that doesn’t feel like you have to run and file for bankruptcy the next day. This is when thinking ahead will come in handy.

Purchase Gifts In Advance

Ever heard of a gift closet? If you haven’t, it’s one of the best ideas ever! I don’t know who came up with it but thank you a million times to whoever did. It’s a lifesaver and everyone on a budget should have one.

A gift closet is a space where you keep items that you purchase in advance because there was an awesome sale or you found stuff dirt cheap on clearance. This space doesn’t necessarily have to be a closet, it can be a storage bin that you keep in your garage, or a  trunk that you store in your bedroom.

The purpose of a gift closet is to store the items you purchased on sale so that you can later use those items to give out as gifts. Purchasing bargain items as you come across them ensures that you always have a great gift to give even when money is tight.


You’ll also want to stock up on gift essentials. What’s a gift without wrapping paper or a beautiful ribbon to decorate it with? Things like wrapping paper, ribbon, tape and gifts bags can be expensive when purchased at the last minute. You can easily stock up on gift essentials like these during holiday sales, at dollar stores – Dollar Tree is the best! – and at discount stores.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased a roll of tape for $3 or $4 that I could’ve paid 50 cents for had I purchased it in advance. Thinking ahead can save you a ton of money on gifts!

Look for Online Clearance and Sales

Online shopping is a very popular way to find affordable gifts without ever leaving home. You can even use your smartphone to shop for the best deals. Shopping online clearance and sales is a very convenient way to save money from anywhere.

There are many sources you can use to find online deals. Just like the clearance section at your favorite stores, many brands have a clearance section right on their website. That’s the first place I look! You can find awesome gifts at huge discounts there.

Another great source for finding cheap gifts is by visiting deal sites like and other similar sites. Here at Yes We Coupon, we share the latest deals and clearance finds daily to help you save time and money.

Facebook groups are also a great way to find the hottest deals on gift items. There are many groups that share coupon codes, clearance finds, and information on where to find current sales. Our most popular Facebook group is The Glitch Community. Our members find and share amazing deals on gifts every day.

Sign Up for Deal Alerts

Signing up for email promotions is another great way to find online and in-store clearance deals and sales on the perfect gift items. Once you’re subscribed, you’ll start receiving info about sales right in your inbox. You may even get a coupon or discount for signing up.

If parting with your email is not something you really want to do but you don’t want to miss out on great sales, here’s a tip. Instead of using your personal email to sign up for these special deals and promotions, get a new email address that you can use for the sole purpose of receiving promotional emails from your favorite stores and websites.

Now that you are armed with all of this awesome information, you’re ready to start saving a ton of money on gifts for everyone in your life without breaking your budget or going broke. Happy shopping and gift giving!

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