HUGE Insignia Air Fryer RECALL From Best Buy!

Best Buy RECALLS Over 700,000 Insignia Air Fryers!

ATTENTION all air fryer owners, stop what you are doing and checkout this Insignia air fryer recall at Best Buy! Best Buy recently announced they recalled over 700,000 Insignia branded air fryers because they have been catching on fire! With 68 reports here in the US and 30 something in Canada, this can be dangerous if you happen to not catch it in time. There have been reports of damage and injuries related to this recall. Air Fryers have become the latest rage and it seems everyone has one now. Air Fryers are great to have for every day cooking, and we love using ours whenever we want to cook food crispy without the oil. And we have also bought so many as gifts over the years. But with this recall, you need to check yours out and spread the word to all the other air fryer owners so they can also check their air fryer. So far this recall is only for the Insignia brand air fryers and toaster ovens.

This huge recall includes all of the Insignia air fryers, including the digital, analog, and the digital air fryer ovens. Two injuries have been reported, one of which was a child along with property damage from these air fryers catching on fire or melting. These defective air fryers were sold both online and in stores from November 2018 to February 2022. If you have an Insignia Air Fryer that has been included in this recall, you can return it to Best Buy for a $50 credit with no receipt necessary, or if the item costs more than $50 they will also credit that amount if you have a receipt. This recall is for both the US and Canada. For more information on this recall, head over to the CPSC website to learn more.

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