IRS Tax Refund Interest Checks-Are YOU Getting One?!

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The IRS is back to sending out Checks!  This one is an IRS Tax Refund Interest Check!!   If you filed your 2019 Tax Returns by the deadline of July 15 and either received a Refund in the past three months or if you are waiting for a refund this may be something that you will be getting in the mail/ direct deposit from the IRS!

You may be apart of the 14 million people who are going to be receiving checks from the IRS within the next few weeks.  This payment is going to be an Interest Payment on Tax Returns that have been delayed because of COVID-19.   These Payments are expected to be around $18.   You can read more about this from WFTV9 and at our MORE INFO button below!   If you are still waiting on your IRS Tax Refund or if you just barely received it in the last three months, make sure to check those accounts that you originally filed for, you may be getting back $18!



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