Kool Aid Jammers 30 pack Glitch Online!!!! RUN!

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KOOL-AID Jammers Glitch Online!!!! RUN!

KOOL-AID is one of the top selling brands for kids drink pouches!   If you have kids, grab this HOT deal from Walmart on the Kool Aid Jammers 30 pack below

Stock up for Summer and the school year with these Kool Aid Jammers 30 pack glitch!   What would normally cost $1.88 for a 10 pack, Walmart shopper Stephanie scored these Mega Packs for only $5!   Each Mega Pack comes with 3 small boxes so totaling 9 small boxes!   Stephanie purchased 2!   Grab this deal from our buy now button below!  Your price may be different depending on your area!  The original cost of the 3 pack is $5.00 where the pack of 2 is $9.96.  But Stephanie got her glitch on the cheaper 3 packs!  YMMV on getting the full amount!

About The Kool Aid Jammers 30 Pack

Kool-Aid Jammers Drink Pouches are a great tasting sweet blend of mixed fruit flavors. These drink pouches contain 55% less sugar than sodas, making it a great fruit flavored drink for kids to enjoy. With this drink in a nice pouch container, kids can enjoy at home, the beach, or in their school lunch boxes.  Stock up today with these Pouches.  It is the perfect time for back to school!