Move Free Advanced Class Action Settlement! Deadline Coming Up

Move Free Advanced Class Action Settlement!

Move Free Advanced NEW Class Action Settlement!

Move Free Advanced was involved in a class action lawsuit that recently settled for $50 million. This lawsuit was brought to court over advertisments on these being able to provide joint health benefits. The court did not rule against Move Free Advanced, instead the company and plaintiff decided to settle to avoid a lawsuit. So if you purchased Move Free Advanced from May 28, 2015, and June 24, 2021 you can claim money with no proof needed!

With the settlement you can claim $22 per bottle purchased with up to 3 bottles with no proof. That is $66! This is based off average retail price for these products. Additionally Anyone submitting more than 3 bottles will need to provide proof of purchase for each bottle. The deadline to file a claim is November 8th, 2021. Click the link below to file your claim online now.


Class Action lawsuits happen when a brand or company is suspected of wrongdoing. No company nor consumer is in the wrong unless the courts decide so. Move Free has not been convicted of any wrongdoing in this case, but have come to a settlement to avoid litigation. You can only file one claim per household, multiple claims will be voided and no money awarded. Class Action lawsuits happen often, be sure to follow us at Glitchndealz as we will bring you the hottest Class Action news. Help spread the word on this no proof needed settlement and share this post with your friends and families.