Ozark Kids Sleeping Bag NOW $5


Disregard that price sign, because these kids sleeping bags actually ring in at $5!!!  There are two options available, the Ozark Trail Speedy the Sloth Kids’ Sleeping Bag and the Ozark Trail Flash The Rocket Kids’ Sleeping Bag.

If your thinking about camping this upcoming season, or just want to have one of these adorable kids sleeping bags in the house for sleepovers or just to have fun with, you’ll want to check your stores for this UNMARKED in store clearance sale!   Great find to our member Eda for finding these in store!  You can check your stores for the SLOTH sleeping bag with the sku- 176702936 and use the ROCKET sku-171864558.   Originally priced at $24.46 you may score them for just $5!  As always ymmv with in store clearance prices!


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