Ozark Trails Folding Cookout Table HOT CLEARANCE!

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Summer items and camping equipment have been marked down to some unbelievable prices in Walmart stores!  If you are looking for an outdoor Folding Table, check out this HOT deal available at Walmart from Ozark Trail.  One of the top selling brands for all your camping equipment!

Thanks to Walmart shopper Sarita for sharing this deal with us!  This Ozark Trails Folding Cookout Table would normally cost $99 but it has been purchased in stores for just $50!  Possibly cheaper in your area!  This is a deal you will want to check your stores for while your at your nearest Walmart the next time!  Double check the tables and match it up with the UPC-6959576602214.   As always, YMMV (your miles may vary) with in store clearance prices and quantity!