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Dollar General is known for their Penny Items that normally happen on Tuesdays, however we have not had a Penny List for a few weeks!  Wading Pools are the perfect addition to any back yard!   If you could use a Wading Pool, check out this HOT deal below from Dollar General!


  Thanks to Dollar General

shopper Rosa for sharing this HOT Penny find with us, despite not having a Penny List!   If you are shopping at Dollar General make sure to look for their Wading Pools!  The newest ones have characters on them, but many stores have been getting the ones with the turtles and fish in!   These Pools are from last year and are RINGING UP JUST 1 PENNY!!!!   No need for a pool?  Many people use them for their pets, chicks, or even raised garden beds!   You can scan the items if you think you found one with the Dollar General App, or look for the upc: 192072022704.   In store Penny Items are always YMMV and this specific deal will depend if your store got some of the other pools in!!!

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