Renuzit Glitch Happening at Dollar General RUN RUN RUN!



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Dollar General is GLITCHING on Renuzit fresheners!   If you shop Dollar General, this is one HOT deal to put on your list!

RUN to your local Dollar General stores for this amazing glitch deal!  The only thing you will want to make sure you have is the PAPER coupon that came in this past Sundays paper!        While in stores look for as many Renuzit Air Fresheners you can get!  How to do this deal:  have your cashier scan 6, give them 1 paper coupon.  Have them scan another 6 and give them the second paper coupon!  Then, scan the rest of your items, as many as you can find!  Your total ends up being around $5 for ALL of them!  Since this is an in store only deal, YMMV (your miles may vary) with in store quantity!  Make sure to have your two coupons and hope your store is stocked!  Below you will see a picture of the Paper coupon needed to get this deal!   And remember, store and computer glitches can end at anytime!

Renuzit Glitch Happening at Dollar General RUN RUN RUN!