Secret Deals on Women’s Shoes You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner


I love those shoes! Seriously, how did you find them? I thought they were all sold out.

That trend is so adorable but the price tag is always a bit too much for me.

I’d love to wear that brand but they never have my size.


Do you always feel like you’re a day late and a dollar short with footwear? Do you wonder how to score great deals on really good shoes? With some strategic hunting and a tiny bit of basic math, you can find awesome deals on the brands and trends you love.

Keep reading to find out how you can find great deals on women’s shoes.

Quality Matters

Wearing poor-quality shoes or the wrong shoe size can negatively affect your joints, muscles, and foot pain. You’ve only got one body and two feet. It’s important to find footwear that’s best suited for your activity and lifestyle.


Many people don’t wear good quality shoes because they are so expensive. This is where long-term thinking comes into play. You can pay $30 for a pair of poor-quality shoes that will last a year and offer no support.

Next season, when those shoes are worn out, you’ll pay $30 for a similar pair. You’ve now spent $60 on a pair of shoes that are bad for your health and you’ll have to shell out another $30 next year when those wear out.

You might splurge on a $120 pair of good-quality shoes. Good-quality shoes are more expensive up front, but they offer great support and last much longer. Good quality shoes aren’t just a fashion statement, they’re an investment in your health and comfort.

1. No Kidding

Perhaps one of the most surprising ways to save on good shoes is hiding in plain sight. Just saunter on over to the kids’ shoe section of any store. You’ll likely find mini-versions of your favorite name-brand styles with lower price tags.

You probably don’t have toddler-sized feet, so how does this help? Here’s the secret: Women who wear US sizes 8.5 and smaller can find equivalent kids’ sizes.

Ok, so how can you tell which size you are in kids’ shoes? All you need is a keen eye and basic subtraction (or addition) skills. As with adults, actual sizes and fit vary from brand to brand.

If you wear size 7 in women’s shoes, subtract 1.5 or 2 from 7 to find your kids’ shoe size of 5.5 or 5. Try a few on to see which size feels best on your feet.

The Kidvantages

Kids’ shoe sizes are almost always less expensive than adult shoes. If you’re buying good-quality footwear, you can save anywhere from $15 to $40 by buying name-brand kids’ shoes.

Kids’ shoe sections are a great place to browse when your size is all gone on the women’s rack. No sevens again? Head to the kids’ section and ask to try on a size 5 or 5.5.

Maybe next time you’re out, you’ll head straight for the kids’ section instead of searching for deals on women’s shoes.

Picky, Picky

Sometimes, kiddo versions of name-brand shoes are exact replicas. Other times, there are subtle differences. UGG boots sit slightly shorter on your calf/leg. Sorrel boots often swap traditional laces for kids’ elasticized versions.


If you’re willing to live with these little differences, you could save a lot of cash and look good doing it. Who doesn’t love that? And honestly, who’s really going to notice?

2. In The Club

Many retailers offer rewards programs free of charge. Just sign up for their email list, text alerts, or download their app. Third-party deal sites are also a great place to look for club rewards and deal alert apps.

Social media is also a great way to find out who’s offering great deals and sales. Follow your favorite retailers on Twitter or Instagram to see what they’re selling and how much. You can even see how others are wearing the product or recommended styling options.


Always read the fine print when signing up for rewards clubs and installing apps. Sometimes, what starts out as free could end up charging you if you don’t cancel your membership. Words like “free trial” or “try it for free” can mean, “one free month before you have to pay and we’ll make it really hard to cancel.”

Truly free rewards programs exist everywhere. You may not pay in dollars, but you’ll likely consent to some sort of data tracking in exchange for free deal alerts or women’s shoes coupons. If you’re ok with that, free loyalty programs are a great way to get your favorite footwear for less.

Matchy Matchy

Some retailers advertise price matching. Others will price-match but don’t advertise. You never know until you ask.

If you find a great deal somewhere else, pull it up on your phone at the checkout. Ask the employee if they honor competitor prices. The answer might just save you a few dollars, which makes cents.

3. The Off-Season

Are you a forward thinker? If so, shopping for off-season products is a great way to save on good-quality shoes, boots, and sandals. When are most people looking for snow boots? In the winter when it’s cold.

If you can train your bargain-brain to think about sunny summer sunshine in December, you can score summer footwear deals. Who knows, those sweet little sandals might be a good excuse to get a winter pedicure. Now that you have great toes and fun new sandals, you should book that tropical vacay.

Clear(ance) the Way

True deal-hunters go straight back to that clearance rack. If you can’t find your favorite women’s shoes on sale, head to the kids’ clearance!

Sometimes, clearance sections have misplaced sizes or incorrect markings. Always check the shoe size (don’t rely on the box) and make sure both shoes are the same size as well.

Find Great Deals on Women’s Shoes

If you’re tired of missing out on great deals on women’s shoes, it’s time to get a strategy. Next time you go sole searching, remember to head from women’s to kids’ shoes. You can ask employees if they have a kids’ to women’s shoe size chart. If not, you can subtract 1.5 to 2 from your women’s size to find your size in kids.

If the whole kid’s to women’s shoe size trick doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. You can still find the best deals on women’s shoes by shopping off-season, clearance, and joining rewards programs.

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