Subway Coupons To Save You On Your Next Meal

Subway Coupons

Subway is known for its customizable footlong sandwiches. They are so popular that an estimated 8 million Subway sandwiches are made and served each day at their over 41,000 locations.

From mouthwatering hot sandwiches to delectable cold deli sandwiches, there is something for everyone on Subway’s menu. But if you’re looking for ways to get Subway coupons, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’ll detail all of the best ways you can receive Subway coupons to get the best deals on your Subway sandwiches so you can fill your stomach and keep your wallet full too.

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Subway Coupons on the Subway App

The Subway app, which underwent a major redesign in 2021, can be a wealth of savings, as well as a way to view the menu, customize, and order your favorite sandwiches. The Subway app will often have deals and specials not available elsewhere.

You can receive surprise offers in the app and access digital Subway coupons in the palm of your hand. App-only Subway coupons mean you can get great deals just for installing it on your phone.

With the Subway app, you earn points called tokens each time you make a purchase at Subway. When you reach 200 tokens, you get a $2 Subway reward. Scan your app QR code each time you make a purchase.

The Subway app also rewards you on your birthday with a free 6-inch sub and drink and also a free cookie reward valid for 15 days. Limited-time promotions include a Buy One, Get One Free offer on footlong subs.

You can order Subway for in-store pickup or for delivery through the app. Save your payment options, Subway gift cards, and sandwich preferences in the app too.

Subway Coupons by Text

Signing up for Subway coupons and promotional offers by text is quick and easy. Just text the word SUB to the number 782929 (SUBWAY) to be automatically signed up to receive Subway coupons sent directly to your phone through recurring texts.

Once the message has been sent, you should receive a message asking you to confirm if you want to sign up for Subway text alerts. Reply to this message with a Y or yes to confirm enrollment in their mobile text offer program. With this method, you can get a special price on a 6 in sub for just $2.99.

Be aware though that Subway may send you up to 10 texts per month of special offers. If you have a cell phone service that charges you each time you send or receive a text or you are on a limited number of texts per month service this could charge you each time Subway sends you a text offer.

Subway Coupons by E-mail

If you would prefer, you can also sign up for Subway’s email mailing list. Receive exclusive Subway coupons and promotional offers not available elsewhere sent directly to your email address of choice.

The Subway email newsletter provides you with new sandwich releases and specials too. Your inbox will be brimming with delicious Subway offers in no time and you’ll be on your way to sweet sub satisfaction.

Subway Coupons by Receipt Surveys

Another great way to get Subway coupons and promotions is by taking their Subway Listens surveys. The Subway Listens surveys are available with a link and a special code on the paper receipts you get from your Subway purchases.

Go to the website listed and enter your unique code to access the survey. Then just share some feedback and information about your Subway restaurant visit. At the end of the survey, you’ll receive another code that you can write down on the back of your receipt.

This code is good for a promotional item, such as a free cookie or free drink, or a discount on Subway food. Just bring this receipt with the code written on the back to your local Subway within 5 days of taking the survey and hand it to your Subway Sandwich Artist to redeem it with your eligible order.

Subway Coupons by Mail

If you prefer paper Subway coupons in the mail, check your local circular ads for valuable Subway coupons and discounts. Mailers such as ValPak and Money Mailer are chock full of great coupons for local restaurants and fast food places.

The next time you get your weekly mail circulars and think they are useless junk before you throw them away look through them first for Subway restaurant coupons.

You can also find Subway coupons in your regular Sunday paper delivery inserts.

Subway Coupons Online

There are many sites that claim to offer Subway coupons online but it can be confusing and time consuming trying to find valid Subway coupons. Some websites make you click on each of their Subway coupon codes to try individually before you may find one that works.

However, these codes are often already expired or are only good in certain regions. They are not updated frequently and they don’t cover whether a specific item needs to be bought with the coupon or the total purchase price must be met first.

This trial and error process just to find useable coupons for Subway sandwiches can be frustrating. You want to find your Subway coupons from trusted coupon sites that detail the expiration dates of each coupon and if certain requirements need to be met to redeem them.

It is important that sites categorize their coupons specifically based on their brand or company and that they are updated to be the most accurate.

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