Giveaways Sweepstakes and Contests! Play for Fun!


Giveaways, Sweepstakes, and Contests!

We all like to find ways to save money!  Freebies are pretty nice too!  If you love free stuff, giveaways, sweepstakes, and also contests can be a great way to get freebies!  Many companies love to give away free stuff, and we love to share those freebies.  There are chances to win anything from food and small items on up to cars or even houses.  It is all by chance, of course, and the merchant is hosting the giveaway.

Play for Fun!

Remember, Sweepstakes, Giveaways, and Contests are all for fun.  Not everyone will get a chance to win, but it is worth a try.  And, of course, you won’t get a chance to win if you don’t enter.  Be mindful that it shouldn’t take too long to enter sweeps.  So, keep it fun and Good Luck!

Play it Safe

Keep in mind that there can be shady stuff in giveaways, especially online, so be very mindful before you sign up.  Only play sweeps that you know are safe.  When you sign up for any giveaway, they will ask for some personal information.  Also, only give information that you feel comfortable with.  Here are a few things to think about before signing up for sweeps.

  • Read the rules:  It’s good to read the fine print to ensure you qualify and that there are no hidden restrictions.
  • Do NOT pay to enter sweeps:  The whole point of entering Sweepstakes, Giveaways, or Contests is for the freebies.  You should never have to pay to enter sweeps. It is also wise not to ever enter your credit card information to win a prize.
    • If you must enter a sweep that asks for that info, look into getting a burner card.  A burner card can be a Visa or Mastercard Gift card with little money on it.  This will also ensure that your personal account stays protected.
  • Create an email for Sweeps: If you like to play sweeps, it is wise to create a special email just for sweeps.  This will help keep your personal email inbox from getting overwhelmed.
  • Pick and Choose: Depending on the sweep, keep in mind that the bigger the prize, that there may be big taxes, to pay as well.  As a rule, anything over $600 is subject to taxes.  So if you win a big prize, the company sponsoring the giveaway will provide you with the tax forms to complete. At least they should.
  • Watch out for Scams:  Scammers are everywhere.  Just be mindful, and play games safely.

Increase Your Odds

There are chances to increase your odds of winning.  I can’t stress enough, Only play for fun, and don’t expect to win all the time.  Expecting to win will take away from the fun.  But if you like to play Sweeps, there are some ways to increase your odds (slightly).

  • Play local sweeps:  The smaller the audience, the bigger your chances are to win.
  • Look for sweeps that give away multiple prizes.  The more prizes that are given away, the more chances that more people have to win.
  • Enter Multiple Times: If you are given the option to enter a sweeps more than once, that will give you more chances to win.

Good Luck!

There you have it, the breakdown for sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests.  Hopefully, we covered it all, and you all have a bigger chance to win.  This is just information we have gathered along the way, and hope you find it helpful.  Our team at Glitchndealz will often give away prizes. However, we do not sponsor all that are posted.  Not everyone can win, but it is worth a try. Remember to Have Fun! Play it Safe! Good Luck!  Check out the latest Sweeps, and Contests Below!

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