Twin Star Storage Bench MAJOR ONLINE SAVINGS!

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Upgrade your entryway with this piece of furniture by Twin Star!  Now you can stow away children’s shoes or smaller sandals along with tall boots.  Complete with adjustable compartments to make holding your shoes, baskets and other decorative items convenient!  Set up this storage bench by any front door, entryway or even in a bedroom to give your home a new look.

Head over to Walmart where they are currently offering an AMAZING deal on this Twin Star Storage Bench!  The top has a nice big area for you to sit while putting on shoes or taking shoes off.  Set down umbrellas or purses to easily grab while going out the door!  Each compartment can easily hold a pair of your shoes that you wear everyday, shoes to pack for school or for the work week!  You can also add in some decorative baskets to keep items hidden out of plain site!  Originally costing $193 you can now score this deal for a FRACTION of the cost!  Check it out directly online at Walmart below!


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