Zoom Breaks Privacy Violation-A New Class Action Lawsuit!

Zoom is one of the most popular video communications out there right now.  Many people have used it in classrooms, work environments even for gym memberships.  If you have been using the Zoom Video Communications, youll want to follow up with this Class Action Lawsuit!!!

Even though Zoom says that they keep their users information confidential, the companies information program has given personal information to Facebook.  When you turn on your computer, tablet or phone to use the Zoom Video App, it alerts Facebook with your information regarding what your using to access the app, if you are on a mobile device who your company carrier is and interesting advertisements.  If you used this popular app in March, just last month, you will want to follow this Class Action Lawsuit.  The company has since updated their app, however it is still unknown of any third party applications can access the personal information of their users.  You can follow  this class action and sign up to receive more information at the MORE INFO button below.