10 Secret Ways to Save More Money and Time at Walmart!

We Have Ten Amazing Secrets that you HAVE to know to save at Walmart!

These will save you so much time and money! #8 Will save you hundreds of dollars and so much time!



Go to your local Walmart and scope out where they like to keep the clearance items! There are two Walmart’s closest to my house; one of them keep the clearance aisle back by the garden area where you would find pool cleaning supplies. The other Walmart keeps the clearance aisle back in-between the paint and electronics! (Hopefully this helps!)



We know what you are thinking, WELL DUH, but for a lot of our readers is can be hard to find these coupons to go with the deals they need! We have dozens of Walmart Coupons on our site. These are awesome digital coupons for Walmart! This gets you ahead of the game and will save you time!

#3 Use your favorite cash back tool!

Now I know we are here to save time and MONEY right! So hear us out! This will save you time! If you are going to search for Walmart clearance online you might as well save money while you do it! We love Rakuten (formerly Ebates)! It is crazy easy to use, and who doesn’t want $10 back on their first order! Shop and transfer your cash back right to your PayPal to shop some more! How easy is that. And if you don’t believe us that this ads up you HAVE to look at how one of our members are doing -in the pick below! $10 Off Here!


#4 Free Next Day Delivery or In- Store Pick Up;

If you want to lock in the price of something you see online and it is not that same price in store then you should next day deliver it to your home for free or lock in the price right then and there by ordering it to your store and picking up at a later time/day!


#5 Wait for Walmart’s Retail of the year events!

Walmart has a few times a year that are calendar worthy! Of course, there is Black Friday where you can get doorbuster and save up to 90%! More than that though, Walmart does go ALL OUT a few times a year! For example, their yearly carseat or baby week event! Yup mommy-clearance HEAVEN!

#6 Learn How to Scan using the Walmart App to Find Hidden Clearance.

Walmarts new(ish) app allows anyone to download it as scan items around the store to see real prices. This is the same idea as the price scanner tools around their store, except on your mobile device! This is the number one way to find glitches at Walmart (check out our list to learn more ways). Price mistakes happen all of the time or hidden / unmarked clearance can be found very quickly using the app!


#7 Make Money While You Grocery Shop, up to $22 an hour to be exact!

Everyone has heard of Door Dash where you can deliver for restaurants right? Well same idea except for grocery stores! This company pays you to shop for other peoples groceries! Get Paid to Grocery Shop

#8 is OUR personal favorite!!!

We have made a video that will show you the #1 tool that the pro’s use to find out of stock clearance at Walmart! That’s right. If something says its “out of stock” the video below will show you how to get it anyways! You have to watch it will save you so much time! Cut out driving around hoping for great finds and of course, save you tons of money!


#9 Get the Walmart Rewards Card

The Walmart Rewards Card is a credit card that gives you up to 5% back on Walmart purchases, 2% off on back on in-store purchase and even more saving opportunities!

#10 Utilize the Price Matching Walmart does allow!

Walmart is constantly updating their Walmart Price Match Policy so we will give you the link to make sure there is no miscommunication! What I do know is that they still have a pretty good price match policy it is just a little more strict than it was. But who can blame them ha!