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Save BIG on all your Back to School needs from Kindergarten to college!

School is such an important part of life!  Nowadays even many adults are finding themselves going back to school! after having their own children in school to advance their careers.

Plus, our kids supply lists are ever growing year after year and can take a toll on the budget. But, there are plenty of ways to cut those costs down. From free supplies to tax free shopping and more!

School supplies can also be used for offices, teachers, kids, adults, college students, business owners and so many more.

Deals range from rebates, coupons, store clearance (after school starts, this is a great time to stock up on supplies for the following year) and of course store sales. Plus, many states now offer Tax Free shopping days throughout the summer to help curb the cost of new clothes, backpacks, shoes and more.

13 Things You Can Get Totally Free for Back to School

Top ways to get totally free back to school supplies, for those who need it more!

It’s that time again! Time to start thinking about back to school…already (I know!)

You’ve got supplies, clothes, checkups and health screenings to get done before school starts. Whew! It’s much better to get things started early on, before running around with the crowds trying to gather all you need before the first day of school!

We’ve gathered up all the best freebies and deals we could find for all of your classroom needs! Be sure to check back closer to the new year, great deals and freebie finds are sure to start popping up for you to grab!

Top 13 Things You Can Get FREE Right Now – for Back to School

  • Backpack programs: Office Depot Foundation’s National Backpack Program, Schools on Wheels and School Ready Supplies offer free school supplies and backpacks to students in need.
  • Target and Walmart in association with The Salvation Army and other non-profit organizations, offer low-income families free back to school supplies. Read more here.
  • Tax Free Weekends: don’t miss the tax-free weekends in your state! Here’s the list

Free Children’s Back to School Health Screening

  • In August, Sam’s Club holds free health screening for children- a $100 value.

Free haircuts-

  • for kids for BTS! Check with your local stylist, and check here to find participating locations near you!

Buy & Sell Text Books-

  •  Top 13 places to buy and sell college text books – pay less and earn more!

Organize a BTS School Supplies Drive in your community!-

  • Recruit other parents and community or organizations such as the Boys and Girl’s Club or YMCA, and ask families to bring new/gently-used supplies. People with younger kids can benefit from unwanted supplies that older kids no longer need. This can work for kids clothes too!

School Supplies Drives-

  • Local Charities such as The American Red Cross usually hold supply drives at their local chapters. Check with your local chapter!

 School District-

  • Your School District may be able to help! Depending on where you live, some states require public school districts to provide books and supplies for children whose parents cannot otherwise afford them.

Resource Centers-

  • some schools may qualify to shop at a Resource Center, sponsored by organizations across the country, this would offset the need for parents to provide supplies for their children. Ask your child’s teacher if your school qualifies.
  • Free eCards for Teachers – Show your teacher appreciation! Send them a thank you card for a great year or a Happy Teacher Day eCard when the time comes!
  • Free Craft Ideas for Classrooms – TEACHERS! Time to start thinking of creative decorations and craft ideas for your classroom this year! Here are 37 amazing craft ideas for your classroom!
  • Totally Free Educational Materials – From pre-Kindergarten to college, Educents has education materials for everyone. They even have things that adults would enjoy for arts & crafts, home organization and tons more!