Easy Tips and Tricks To Saving Money On Groceries!

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If you are a typical consumer, you know that money is so much easier to spend than it is to earn. Considering how unpredictable the economy can get sometimes, it’s always a good idea to stretch your dollars as much as possible. You worked hard for that money and you should get every cent’s worth of value from your dollars.

Many people think the grocery bill is just one of those expenses they have to swallow, that there’s no way they can reduce it.  However, with strategic buying and advance planning, your grocery bill doesn’t have to take a huge bite out of your income. In fact, you can free up enough savings so you can invest your money. Instead of eating up your money or wasting it, look forward to growing it. Here are several techniques to save money on groceries.

Buy from Discounts Stores

There are tons of big-box discount stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club. There is no excuse for you to keep going to that convenient corner grocery store if that store charges you an arm and a leg.  The savings you get at the discount store maybe only 20 percent or even 15 percent, but if you factor in your gas expenses and time to drive back and forth and are still paying lower prices, then you should go to that discount store.  Over the course of a year, these small savings can add up to a nice chunk of money.

Use Coupons

You should use discount coupons to earn even more savings. Coupons come in two forms: manufacturer coupons and store coupons. Try to use both.  You can find thousands of printable coupons online and print hundreds right here at Yes We Coupon. You can get two prints per device but be sure to check with each store you shop with to understand their acceptance of coupons.

Many stores feature “double coupons” where they double the face value of a coupon up to a certain amount (usually $0.99 or less) This can add up to big savings!


Buy Less-Popular Brands

A portion of the price tag of a grocery item is due to the fact that it’s a branded product. If you were to buy a less-popular brand, or better yet generic grocery items, you would save a great deal of money.

If you’re serious about saving money, don’t be lured by brand names. The moment you step away from buying based on brand, you will stand to save at least 15 percent. That adds up to quite a nice chunk of change. Often these store or “off brand” products are manufactured in the same plant as the more expensive brand names.

Buy Economy-Size Packages

You should buy groceries in larger packages, because the food will be proportionally less expensive. But don’t overdo it. If the item that you’re buying is perishable or goes bad after a while, stick to regular sizes. This way, you can ensure you will eat whatever you buy.

Now, if the item you are shopping for can stay fresh for a long time at room temperature, then it makes sense to buy economy-size packages. Anything that involves grains or foods that can be stored for several months is a good candidate for economy-size package savings.

Saving money on groceries is a wise way to reduce your monthly budget.  If you shop at discount stores, use coupons, and search for bargains, you can save substantial amounts of money.  You can use your saved money for investments, a fabulous vacation, or anything else you desire.


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