Hefty and Glad Trash Bag CLEARANCE at Walmart!

Household essential items are shopped for daily by everyone including you!   One of the biggest shopped for items are trash bags, and who doesn’t love a HOT deal on the name brands!   If your looking to restock those cabinets, check out this deal below!

Walmart has been marking down both Hefty and Glad trash bags and we have the deal for you!   Some stores have these bags marked down for as little as $3.60!   You can check your stores for the 33 gallon 40 count size box of Hefty bags with the sku- 846373998 along with the 13 gallon 40 count box of the Glad Forceflex plus with the sku-141587741!  Thanks to Walmart shopper Nicole for sharing her haul with us!  As always, since this is a Walmart clearance deal, YMMV (your miles may vary).

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