Christmas Gifts – How-to Get For FREE This Year!

How-to Get Christmas Gifts For FREE This Year!

Free or Cheap Christmas Gifts

Think you can’t afford Christmas? YES YOU CAN! Times may be tough, you may be struggling to get the bills paid. Did you have an unexpected expense?  Or maybe your significant other lost their job? We came up with a list of ways you can get Free or cheap gifts.


  • Magazine Subscriptions – No credit card required. Just simply sign up for whatever ones you like for FREE! These gifts keep on giving all year long. Many even have coupon savings inside of them. That’s perfect for after Christmas sales.

Rewards and Rebates

  • Rewards Points – Have you used My Coke RewardsRecyclebank, or Pampers Rewards? Check it out!  Many of these Reward programs offer great rewards. After using points you have earned all year long you can score Cheap or even FREE gifts for Christmas.
  • Drugstore Rewards – Do you have some Extra BucksRegister Rewards, or Wellness Rewards that are burning a hole in your pocket? Why not spend them on some gifts for Christmas?! You can earn more in the New Year. Drugstores offer some fabulous Christmas gifts at great prices around the holiday. Many times you can earn rewards for the gifts you purchase. Sweet! I spend all my ExtraCare Bucks and drug store rewards at the end of the year each year and trade them in for Christmas gifts.
  • Rebates – Ever heard of IbottaFetch Rewards, or Rakuten? These rebate apps and more can help you build up some Extra cash for the holidays. I transfer all my money earned throughout the year over to my bank or paypal to use on Christmas gifts.

Gift Cards

  • Gift Cards – If you sign up for you can get a FREE credit to use toward the purchase of any gift card you like.  Often times I will post promo codes you can stack with earned credit. I have gotten Free or really cheap gift cards, all thanks to raise.

Get Crafty

  • DIY Gifts – Are you crafty?  Make gifts out of items you already have on hand. Search Pinterest for some inspiration. My friend Kristen was just telling me how she is giving out some of her makeup and nail polish stockpile to teen girls of families in need this Christmas. She got the idea of making mason jar gifts from Pinterest. If you coupon you probably already have many of these items on hand. Here is an example of what you could make below.

Remember, Christmas isn’t about all the gifts you get. It is about spending time with the ones you love. Show your loved ones how much you care by being there with them on the holidays. The greatest gift is being able to spend time with the ones you love. Do you know any other ways to get FREE Christmas gifts?